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Life is full of memories, As life goes on some memories fade and you try to feed them together, but some parts disappear. Others are forever in your heart and you replay them over and over. And then their are some that are held in the unconscious, but one tiny smell, touch, taste or feel brings it back to the forefront of your life.

It was exactly that for me when I was invited to Bronkos restaurant for the reopening.

The last time I had a Nando’s was 16 years ago, I was heavily pregnant with my second child, and just finished work, I popped into Nandos with the work buddies and made my way home.

I spoke to my brother on the way home and he told me “…but Nandos is Haram”.

I stopped in my tracks. Did I feel guilty? Not quite. (Haraam police, Don’t attack me. I didn’t know before I ate it, and my belly was quite happy with it too) It was quite possibly the best meal I’ve had in my life. The only problem now was- I was to never eat here again.

I’ve held on to that memory for years. Every time I go past Nandos I remember that day. We even go Dubai for the Nandos- not the same at all.

But it came back to me when I was invited to Bronkos restaurant and it smacked me in the Taste buds- because Yes! baby! This was spot on the Nandos I ate 16 years ago.

Bronkos Restaurant

Bronkos restaurant has been around for quite a while, I do remember driving past it quite a few times, especially when going on to the motorway as its on Narborough Road. I’m really not sure why we haven’t been here before because it seems like a place right up my families street. Maybe we missed it, or just didn’t pay attention to it.

They went through a refurbishment and then hosted a Opening day, where I was invited.

The Interior

“Bronkos”– the name should give you all the ideals of what we should expect from this place, and yes! they hit it in just the right places.

The shabby Chic Industrial Decor is apparent throughout, the bare bricks walls, the wooden flooring, the industrial lights dropping. The orange tones throughout the whole restaurant.

The whole relaxed restaurant feel, with some round tables, some rectangular and some Booths. And the richly coloured leather chairs. This place spoke volumes of a burger joint,

It’s just perfect if you want a relaxed meal out, whether that be with the family or friends.

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The Food

We were given the option to choose whatever we wanted from the menu. I had come with Afsha- who had also been invited due to her Food blog (You can find her here).

We went for the Peri Hummus which came with some warm cut up flat bread.

Dynamite prawns, served up in the popular martini cups, and Lamb chops (chargrilled.)

For mains we went for the Peri Chicken wings, Angus Burger, and Chicken Ceaser Salad.

We also had sides of Peri wedges, Coleslaw and Peri chips.

The Hummas was beautiful with the Peri sauce on top- it was just right. The Lamb chops were grilled to perfection, and had loads of flavour, and the dynamite prawns. I don’t usually eat a lot- but I think I put Afsha to shame here. I couldn’t stop eating.

The Chicken wings is where I was transported back to 16 years ago- the sauce and marination of the wings- took me back to my Nandos eating days and I absolutely devoured them. I am coming back for the chicken that’s for sure. The Angus Burger was spot on- meaty and so damn photogenic! Do you see that?

The Verdict

I’ll be honest- I had heard of Bronkos before- but never been, so I can’t really compare it to what is was like before, but I can honestly say that it will not be my last visit

Overall I don’t think I can fault this place- well yes actually I can. Drinks!? The option was only soft drinks. We did have a word with the owners who have told us that mocktails and milkshakes are on the list, and being trialled out.

The staff were accommodating and answered our questions, and the environment was perfect, along with the other bloggers I had a absolute great time, where we mingled, ate and took loads of photos.

I loved my whole experience here and I would recommend Bronkos in a heartbeat! I do need to come back for the chicken, sweetcorn and hopefully the drinks will be ready

Have you been to Bronkos? How did you find it?

Click here or more information on Bronkos

Click here for Bronkos Instagram Page

To Note- Bronkos is halal and they do not serve alcohol.

Love and regards


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Transparency: This was a Ad/Invite however all thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

(The Nandos debate- Everyone has their own interpretation of what is halal and haraam. I do not go to Nandos but I know loads of friends and family that do. Please do not take my interpretation as stone, do your own research and follow your heart)

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