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…..And here comes the Technical part. Pop the kettle on, Let it brew, Sit back and have a Read.

Why did I create a blog? Simples. I like to Share, I’m a giver, and my blog is my ‘giving/sharing’ page. That’s who I am, and that’s why I am here.
Committing to this blog means that I have to be true to myself and to you, because lets face it, if its on the www- its easy to catch people out right?
My blog is about me, my experiences, my visions, my thoughts and if I feel it, ill say it out loud, so that you can experience it in the same way.
If I don’t, I wont even publish it- because well, why should I waste my time and yours?

Ads/Sponsored posts/ Affiliates

Anything gifted, paid for, sponsored or affiliated will be highlighted. Ads will usually be highlighted in the heading, and all others will be in the body of the text or at the bottom of the page, clearly labelled with ‘Transparency’
All brands that I choose to work with will be aligned to my values, ethos and taste.
I will never promote anything that is distasteful to me and doesn’t align with my vision. That’s a promise I make to you.
Gifted products will be clearly labelled and honest feedback will always follow. To anyone wanting to ‘gift’ clear indication will be given that their is no promise to post if I am not happy with it myself. Posting is at my discretion and approval.
Affiliates will be clearly labelled at point of posting. I do need to advise that Affiliates do not affect you in any way or form, but rather helps me out as I get a small commission from the company on your purchase as a little means of saying ‘Thankyou’


By signing up to the newsletter you will receive any new blog posts posted by me. Your data will not be shared or disclosed to any third party. Should you wish to unsubscribe, you will find the ‘unsubscribe’ link at bottom of the newsletter


Most Imagery is my own. Should you wish to use any of the images please do ask for permission before and do not forget to mention any credits.

And that’s the yawning part in a nutshell.
Over and Out.


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