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mowgli street food

Mondays are officially dedicated to my little bundle of Joy Sabina. Well for the time being, until we get consumed with life again and keep cancelling on each other, and so the plan is to checkout all the little hotspot’s around Leicester whilst catching up.

And that led us to this beautiful Place. ‘Mowgli’- right we all know who Mowgli is right? ‘The Bare Necessities’ and that? Well actually maybe just us hitting our 40’s know who Mowgli is. The younger lot- as far as they are concerned ‘Mowgli’ is a restaurant.

And what a fine restaurant it is. Mowgli Street Food is based in St Martins Square- its at exactly the right part of the City Centre. Restaurants at St Martins Square expectations are already high, and how did Mowgli street food do?

The Interior

Mowgli did not fail. On entrance the scene is set for our Adventure.

Although Boasting the Indian street food menu, their is nothing Indian about the Interior. The wooden flooring, tables and chairs give off a rich forest-y vibe, which is further added by the rich green walls, and the fairy lights add to the dreamy aspect of dining in a make believe forest.

My favourite part- the swing seating. I came here twice, the first time the swing seats were all taken- but this time- my lucky charm Sabina was with me, we had a choice from plenty of seats.

I loved the fact that the rope held up the seating, I could almost visualise Mowgli swinging from one side to the other.

At first we were not sure of the seating, we thought maybe we might get a little uncomfortable, but nope! these swing seats have been curated perfectly, we absolutely loved them.

Another feature point is the live driftwood tree which is a focal point in every ‘Mowgli’ with its twinkling spotlights, hanging pendant lamps and dropping moss its such a captivating image. All adding to the dreamy effect that goes round the whole restaurant. Its almost fantastical.

The Food- What we ordered:

And now shall we move on to the food? Well firstly lets talk about this! The ghee pots that hold the cutlery! My god would I go mad at my Mum for this at home! but Here! just Here! what a feature point. So chic! So On point. I loved it. (hope mama bear is not reading this post ).

The focus is all Tiffin based street food, we had to go for the vegetarian options, and to be honest they had a lot so we weren’t really stuck for choice.

Yoghurt Chat Bombs (Pani Puri) and they were absolutely moreish! the right amount of crunch, of tanginess, of freshness, of softness. Definitly spot on!

Bhel Puri- Puffed rice seasoned with peanuts and sweet and sour dressing. Honestly it felt dry- not enough dressing on this! I have had better, I can even make better. They got this wrong. Real wrong. After one bite we did not even attempt to try this again, it was left on the side.

Fenugreek Kissed Fries– these were awesome, deep fried square potatoes with mowgli sauce all over. They were finger licking! (needed more of this sauce over the bhel to be honest!)

For mains we went for the

Mowgli Paneer– so good! So So good! the cheese was soft and crispy and the sauce was just right.

Tea steeped Chickpeas– another mouthwatering dish! cannot fault it.

Both the mains were served with Roti (grilled flatbread)– Being a Indian I knew straight away the roti’s were not freshly made- rather been heated up from the freezer, they were also breaking apart- so a slight disappointment their but in all honesty, its not been a really bad experience overall so it can be put to the side.


Obviously we went for the non- alcoholic mocktails: she went for the Mango Twister– which is Orange, passion fruit, mango & lime,
shaken with coriander & topped with soda.

and I saw the word Rose and so the Rose Raspberry Sherbert had my name on it. Which was Raspberry and ginger puree with lemon
& apple juice, rose gomme & rose water. And it was spot on!

The Verdict:

So the question remains, will I be visiting again? Oh yes! I will!

Seriously for me knowing that they named it this and the decor inside and the kind of food they served it in, and they type of food they served- was all a nostalgia of emotions, and I’m sure on a night off when I get a chance at the TV to myself I’ll be watching The Jungle Book over and over.

And there is so much more to the menu I need to venture out on. So much more I need to try.

And I need to swing from the trees again. Mowgli style.

Mowgli Street Food has branches in 10 different Locations including Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff . For more details on Mowgli click here.

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Love and regards


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