How to create the Mob Wife Aesthetic Look.


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I claim I’m not into trends, I claim that I have my own head, I claim that I don’t follow fashion trends, and then I see everyone claiming the ‘mob wife aesthetics’ look and guess what! I am in.

What is the Mob wife?

I guess everyone has a different understanding to this, whilst most people think of it as a fashion era/trend, which I am truly all up for. Others see it as more of a statement.

I saw somewhere some one said ‘Bye, Clean girl, Hello Mob Wife’. I mean that statement in itself speaks volumes.

We have evolved from Girls to Wives.

So is this appealing to the more grown up maybe adults? or could it be that the girls are now wives? (Maybe not as in married, but more so responsible)

And also from squeaky clean we are now attached to Mobs. I take that as we are not perfect, and we no longer want to be. Let go of the squeaky clean, perfect silhouettes and embrace the older unapologetic, version of yourself who lives for herself.

I think if you follow me, this is definitely my calling!

And although I say its not a look, it is. It really is isn’t it? I mean how else will people know we are untouchable?

Gone are the pretty pastel colours, floral prints, bow accessories, pretty clean cute girl from next door. Incoming bold colours, fur jackets, statement tights, black high boots, chunky gold jewellery, and leopard prints (urm this is the only part I’m a little hesitant towards)

How to create the Mob Wife Aesthetic.

Although I’m all up for this look, sustainability draws a question here. I mean we cant possibly be wearing fur jackets in warmer weather, right? and so I’ve picked out a few pieces which will get me through the winter and give me the look I’m after without breaking the bank balance

Firstly and the most important! The Fur Jacket

This colour oozes sensuality, and the over sized fit screams old rich money, don’t you think?

Next up the Knee high Heels

Mob wife is about silhouettes, and I always feel that knee high boots always gives off the perfect silhouette figure, without having to try too much.

Black Shades– preferably with gold trimmings

Black shades with gold trimmings? Oh yes! And nothing says sophistication more than a pair of classic aviators from ray-ban.

The Bag

Over sized black leather bag just hanging off your shoulder… yes please!

Gold Accesories

Nothing says mob wife aesthetic more than a chunky gold necklace and I found the perfect one here.

But as mentioned, its not just about the look, its also an attitude, and I’m sure that attitude will come naturally when you sink into a oversized fur coat, and slip on the shades.

So here’s to the start of my mob wife look, if you see me out and about in my fur coat, don’t be surprised if I look you up and down, I’m embracing my villain era with the mob wife look. and I’m loving every moment of it.

Love and Regards

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