Ye Olde Bell Spa- Nottingham.


The option was throw a party or go for a spa day, and although I love throwing parties. Age and tired limbs are really kicking in…. so spa was definitely the right answer

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And with tea and scones added in- I was sold. Take my card details already.

Ye Olde Bell Spa – Nottingham

Ye Olde Bell Spa in is Nottinghamshire/Retford, an hours drive away for us. Having recently gone through a refurbishment it was in the list of to-go to. (Not that I had been before- so I cant really compare it to anything. But any excuse right?)

So we jetted off on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

A bit nervous as we are use to the bigger spas, but still ready for anything to be thrown our way.

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Reception at Ye Olde Bell Spa

The reception at Ye Olde Bell spa reception is beautiful, its very luxurious and warm and inviting as are the staff. Checking in was really easy and they pretty much got us in and enjoying our day as quickly as possible.

We were booked in for the afternoon with cream tea, which ran between 2-6.

On arrival we were asked we’d like a hot drink before the start of our day, in between or at the end. We opted for pretty much ‘Right now thanks’ and we were told it would be ready as soon as we had changed. Perfect.

We were given spa itineraries and a map of the entire spa including what areas we were allowed in and what areas were at a additional charge (I will go through this all in a little while).

The staff were so attentive and so friendly, and walked us through everything. I loved that.

The magic starts going through a beautiful hallway. Yes! a hallway, its like we were entering another dimension. The hallway took us to the changing room, fully functional and ready for us to start our day.

After we were changed and out to the spa we were met once again by a member of staff, who went through the spa once again although we had a map.

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Cream Tea at Ye Olde Bell Spa

The weather being beautiful we decided on our cream tea outside. Because Outside looks a little like this.

Cream Tea was basically a choice of tea or coffee, and a scone with cream and salted butter…… I just need to add. No Jam. I know I know its cream team, not Jam and cream Tea- but like…. I wanted Jam too? Its not the same.

The spa may be small to all the other spas I have been too, yet it doesn’t take away how uniquely different it is.

Obviously I started off with the foot jets- Every spa needs foot jets! It’s the perfect start to the day.

The pool which starts indoors and has a door which takes us outside is breath taking and maybe the focus point of the spa.   The pool being hydrotherapy meaning it’s heated so you can use it regardless of weather outdoor.  It also has hydrotherapy jets all over, all ready with a touch of a button, and these are as hydro loungers as well as standing up ones where you are enclosed in a circle and the jets engulf you. A treat I definitely enjoyed.

A benefit to a small spa is that there a minimal people, and that can really add to the experience especially when using the experience rooms. We found most of the time, we were alone in the room, so we could talk and giggle as much as we wanted to without disturbing anyone.

Experience Rooms

Ye Olde Bell Spa Nottingham has various difference Experience rooms and ill go through them briefly now.

Herbal Locominium– Love a sauna? Yes, well you’ll love this one more- its scented!

The Stonebath was different- a room fully tiled and bursting with heat

Swiss Pine Sauna was way too much for me, but Sabina used it to the fullest. It quite possibly the warmest sauna I have ever been in.

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Obviously I avoided the Snow storm. This has two settings of a snowstorm or snow shower, and it works as a large headed shower. The storm version has thunder noises and flashing lightning lights as well as a literal snowstorm that falls on you. The snow shower is a gentler version. I avoided this completely. but once again Sabina loves the warmth and the cold, so dived right in.

The Experience showers were a treat- and they end with a ice bucket. Yep of course you are right. Avoid Avoid Avoid. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea and I love watching other people scream when the water hits them.

Just not for me.

and the Salt Cascade experience was where we spent a lot of time just inhaling in the salt fumes and chatting life away.

Further rooms are available upstairs where they have treatments rooms- but this was not available to us as we didn’t have any treatments booked in, these included relaxation rooms. Maybe on a longer trip I would consider this.


The staff were attentive to our needs all the way through, and I noticed they were very attuned to the cleanliness of the place. I left my towel out on a bank and walked away, and literally within 20 minutes it had disappeared. Like talk about keeping the place pristine. Towels are available and are not limited- which I think is amazing, as in some spas you have to drag your wet towel with you everywhere.

Our Package

We went for the Afternoon Package, which is full use of Spa facilities between 2-6 with Cream Tea (no treatment ) for £75 per person. The timing was sufficient and perfect for the size of the spa.

To book yourself in to Ye Olde Bell Spa click here

For Ye Olde Bell Spa Instagram Click here

Have you been to the Ye Olde Bell Spa?

Which is your favourite Spa?

Love and Regards


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Transparency: All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. This is not a Sponsored/Ad Post. Day at Ye Olde Bell Spa was paid fully by myself.

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