Woodiz Wood fired Pizza Leicester. A Pizza Place like no other.


Are we ready for this? We have to be because its here. Woodiz wood fired Pizza is a new Place in town , and its giving us the best pizzas round town. Based in Granby Street Leicester its in central location, so no excuses guys- pop on over.

Afsha and I headed off for date night and dinner on a Tuesday evening for our invite to Woodiz wood fired pizza. As per its name, the decoration and detailing reflects the same.


With a backdrop of wooden panels clearly labelling the name, and all different tones of wooden brown decor. I loved that they had feature points at different areas with cascading logs, its such a beautiful touch.

Seating with booths and chairs are available as well as stools and high table, so take your pick.

The Wood Fired Oven

The feature point of Woodiz, the absolutely huge rotating wood fire oven, after the preparation of the pizza dough and toppings, they are gobbled up by the oven, we can see it rotating in the fire as it cooks. It takes all of 2 and half minutes to cook the pizza- we could see it firing up inside.

I absolutely loved being able to see our food being prepared in this way in the open, the orderly fashion and the cleanliness all visible in front of us.


The menu was full of varieties of Pizza’s. 31 in total.

Some of which I had never heard of. Some of which I had to take in sometimes twice. And some of which had me intrigued.

This has to be the most intensive and Interesting Pizza Menu I had ever seen.

All the food was made in front of us, the dough was fresh and crafted and doughed out in front of us, we watched as the toppings were added on and they put into their famous Pizza room- The wood fired oven.

All the ingredients are freshly sourced and delivered from Italy direct to their doorstep, this is from the flour to the cheese on top, and this is what gives woodiz its signature pizzas.

I’ll be honest we were hungry and so we went for the safe options, the Margarita Pizza,

The Meat Fiesta which is a tomato base with smoked beef, chicken, pepperoni, and red onions.

and the Primevera, which is tomato sauce base, sweetcorn, olives, peppers, mushrooms, red onions, jalepenos.

For sides we got a portion of garlic bread and wedges.

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My Verdict

The pizza were piping warm and absolutely delicious, every mouthful. From the Margarita to the Meaty fiesta. My fave is the Primavera which had the right pull, and right amount of spicyness.

On leaving we were stopped by the manager- who observed that we did not go for a cream based pizza? That had us stumped.

Woodiz main difference is the creme fraiche based pizza. Obviously we couldn’t go home without it. He recommended the salmon one….. salmon on pizza? Yes you heard me. Salmon on a creme fraiche based pizza.

This should be interesting

And interesting it really was, not just a pretty picture, it was delicious, a new sensation to pizzas for sure.

Woodiz is on Granby street, and has been open for a few months now. Its a perfect place for a pizza fuelled dinner with the extra special touches. I know ill be back for another creme fraiche pizza, maybe in another topping.

Woodiz is a halal eatery, seating is for up to 16 people inside, and does not serve alcohol.

Click here for more on Woodiz

Click here for Woodiz Instagram page

Love and regards


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Transparency: This was a Ad/Invite however all thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way

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