Winter Wardrobe ideas?… Lets Improvise.

I be honest- in my younger days- I had a summer wardrobe, a spring wardrobe, a autumn wardrobe, a winter wardrobe, a weekend wardrobe, a working wardrobe, a stay at home wardrobe, a going out with the girls wardrobe….. you getting my drift ye?

But Age has made me more conscious and money savvy (I think. kinda. A Little bit *rolls eyes*) and I no longer have the same feelings towards buying clothes to wear in the afternoon for a day on the couch anymore.

Although still having a love for clothes and looking trendy (which I am trying, but majority of the time, the flip flops with the socks are so much more comfy) I am learning to improvise with what I have in the cupboard so that I can make more use of them all year round. So that when I am ready to put them into the charity bags- its been worth the money- and not because I forgot its been in the back of the cupboard for the past 3 years waiting for the sunny monday I’m on annual leave and going to the theme park kinda thing.( * when does that happen anyway?*)

So here’s some winter wardrobe ideas using what I have in my cupboard.

Add turtle necks to the blouses. Yes you heard me- add the Turtle neck. I know you could potentially just wear a top inside ( like the long sleeve lycra ones you get in primark) but I am actually loving the turtle necks inside look far better. It gives such a different look- almost makes it feel like a different top, actually the whole outfit looks different.

And that’s an easy and quick winter wardrobe idea

So don’t put your favourite blouse away for next year. Wear it out. Upgrade it to a turtle neck.

Your favourite dress? That’s staying out too for the winter months.

Now I say favourite but dresses for me, its more of a “I’m going to Mamabear’s house so I need to be overly modest”.

You remember the turtle neck? Of course you do, add it on and swap the heels for some super cool funky- chunky boots, and Voila! Another great outfit perfect for winter.

Did you say sweater vests are back in? Oh Yay!- and boy they are chic and cool. That made my life a lot easier. Add a sweater vest to your top, blouse or to your dress and get all cosied up! There’s something about sweater vests that are all cosy and warm.

That jumpsuit you saved for your next holiday in summer? Pull it out, (we are on a roll here). Jumpsuits aren’t for holiday only!. That chunky sweater you love? layer it up! short or long. Sleeveless jacket? how about that? add in some boots and a beret. Its like being in Paris in Winter.

The Pretty floral co-ord, that’s hanging up waiting for the next summer Bbq. You know what I’m going to say right? Obviously. Let’s wear it tomorrow shall we? How? Its freezing?

Get those boots out. Add on that layer. The chunky sweaters are so damn chic at the moment. or a sweater vest- tuck it in! make it vibe!

So we are wearing it then yea? (Big wink) Of course we are.

How are you improvising your clothes for the winter? Share your winter wardrobe ideas here.

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