Wingmans- Day in London with the Men of my Life.

He took us again, he really did. I was in disbelief. My hubby took us to London again! Why the disbelief? Well the Hubby hates London with a passion- and this was ALL his idea! YES! It was his idea. No influence from me at all. AT ALL.

Maybe a Little Influence from the Kiddo who passionately loves London just as much as me.

But it wasn’t me.

Not my idea. I did not ask him. That’s my point.

I thought when the time comes we would detour and end up in Birmingham, Manchester. Or anywhere that’s not London.

But we made it and we got to London Baby. (You think he’s converting? hmmmmm.)

Well I think you’ve gathered by now that I’m with the Men of my life. So that means the heels, the pretty outfits, and Afternoon Teas are on hold.

And bring on the grubby foods.

So we ended up with Gloves and Greasy Sticky Wings for dinner.

Who said eating Wings couldn’t be posh?

The Kiddo had a bucket list ( I wonder who he has gone after? Not me. Obviously *rolls eyes*), and the Wingmans was one of the places waiting to be ticked off.

And when in London Baby, ticking off is a priority (you should know this by now! )

Buzzing with people- we waited 20 minutes to get in!

The Wingmans don’t take reservations so it was kind of like just ‘get in the queue and deal with it’ and so we did. And 20 minutes in all honesty is not too bad.

The Wingmans we went to was in Soho.

And so how did it go?

It was a sweet sticky delicious moreish affair for sure.

One thing I love about going with my own family to London is I get to see a different side of London. The stuff the boys/men like, and I love that I get to see and experience that side too.

I couldn’t take too much photos of the inside. It was buzzing with people but genuinely its a neat little set up, benches, tables, bar stools. All informal yet neat and clean for sure.

The whole new retro age of “I’m cool as *Sheesh kebabs* whilst I eat my overly expensive wings with Gloves….” Just the kind of vibe I Love.

What did we Order?

We had heard a lot about the Saucy Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese and Celery. Being the ‘special’ we knew we couldn’t go wrong with it.

We gave the Shanghai Oriental Wings a try. Wings with a sweet Infusion of Soy & Sesame Topped with Kewpie (I don’t know what this is), Mayo, Spring Onion, Red Chilli, Ginger & Sesame. It sounded good so had to be added on.

My eyes fell on the Sweet Potato Fries with Maple Syrup & Caramelised Pecan Salt

And the dude went for the ‘Straight Outta Old Compton’ Burger. Which is a buttermilk fried chicken thigh with the trimmings. And a portion of chips (because what is a meal without chips? Right?)

And….. The Verdict

Spicy Buffalo Wings. Yum

Shanghai Oriental Wings. Yum

Sweet Potato Fries. OMG!!!! Moreish!

Straight Outta Old Compton– Needs work on it.

In all honesty that was the dude’s fault. I mean who goes to a Wing place and orders a Burger? Who? Like Who? Really?!….. The hubby does.

Well at least I can pass the information on to you! Stick to the wings people! They are the best.

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Love and Regards


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