Where to stay in Cappadocia- Vista Cave Hotel


The most iconic picture of Cappadocia has to be the one with the sky dotted with Hot Air Balloons. This is a daily reoccurrence. Pink mountains and fairy-tale sunrises all add to the magic that is Cappadocia.

Where to Stay in Cappodocia

A trip to Cappadocia is not complete without a stay in a Cave Hotel. Because really where else in the world would you stay in a cave?

With few areas to choose from, Goreme, Uchisar, Cavusin, Ortahisar. It’s hard to work out what’s best for you.

Well, let me help you out:


The highest point of Cappadocia, you get the best views of the chimneys from here, and it is less touristy.


Extremely small and quiet area. Right next to launching site of the balloons. This area mainly has boutique style hotels and is perfect for people who want to hike or trek. I would say this is more for the older couples who want some quiet time.


For the ‘On a budget travellers’- at the back of the hill from Goreme. Ortahisar also has cave hotels. This place seems to be more up and coming though. There are plans being put into place for more hotels. So, keep an eye out on this.

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The best place to get the view of the balloons whether that be from the hotel window, hotel terrace or going outside on the fields to see it.

The most popular area with the restaurants, nightlife, shops and everything is a short walk away. Goreme is actually a town located among the fairy chimneys and you’ll be walking past them.

We stayed here and decided on the Vista Cave Hotel.

Vista Cave Hotel

We were met by our host and hotel owner Senol, who on entrance welcomed us in.

We went for a triple room as there were 3 of us. The room was huge, and all the little detailing had us oohing and ahhing for a while.

The Hotel: The Vista Cave Hotel

Senol (the owner) and his wife were so hospitable, it didn’t feel like we were in hotel, it felt like we were at home. I can almost imagine him sitting on the terrace with his cup of tea in his hand, laughing at our crazy ‘Insta’ antics. He made a comfortable home for us the 3 days we were there.

As Afsha quite rightly pointed out- the whole hotel at different point’s had the most amazing detailing. We could have had a full photo shoot just in the hotel itself

Vista cave is a small family run business, it only has a handful of rooms, and so you will find yourself alone a lot of the times or if you do see a familiar face, you will see them only over and over. It is surrounded by bigger hotels with more to offer, (i.e swimming pools, bars, restaurants) but for us this was perfect. We wanted to venture out for all the extras.

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There is no reception area, but the terrace covers this and we loved sitting out here and spending our time here. The Terrace had the most beautiful panoramic views and we caught the balloons flying from here daily.

Being a small hotel there is no bar or restaurant, for food and drinks everything is a walk away (a very hilly walk). The rooms have tea and coffee making services, and fridge, which we topped up with drinks and water, but to be fair we were out most of the time.


The room was beautifully carved in stone, it looked surreal, almost dream like. We don’t normally go for Hotel’s like this, and it was almost a little scary- just a little mind you.

Although it had a hard exterior, the ceilings were carved out, the floor was tiled, the walls were carved rock, it was quiet warm, With carpets at different parts of the room, it warmed the place up.


Breakfast was included at the Hotel, and this is the best part of the day, and it did not disappoint. It was different every single day, but just as good.

On the day we were leaving Senol gave us a packed lunch for our journey. The extra touches make the journey and the visit so much better.

Senol is very experienced, and he seems to know what we were after (slight miscommunications at some point, but generally he was good). He arranged the tours for us and the taxi we needed. He knew where to direct us, and what points we had to see. And he did have a fixed price for this, which shows regardless of who visits we all get the same treatment.

Overall the whole trip, the whole trip was magical. But I always say this and live by it ‘A good hotel makes the Holiday’ and here it definitely did.

Have you been to Cappadocia? Where did you stay?

Love and regards


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