What to Make of The Coronavirus and Boris Johnson

I spent yesterday in a panic and anxiety, we knew that the Cobra meeting was going on, and holding our breaths of the outcome.

I went into more of a panic when Ireland declared that they will be going into lock down from that day on. It dawned on me at that point that I was silly in laughing at all the people buying toilet roll in the masses. I needed toilet roll, not just for the lock down but also generally.

4.30 couldnt come quicker, and for the first time in my life I wanted to see Boris Johnson face.

I finished work at 1.30 and headed straight to the Lidl round the corner, it was a dead town, not only were there no people, the shelves were empty. It felt very surreal, very isolating, like out of a twlight or horror movie. I kicked myself once again for laughing at all the people bulk buying in stores.

Then Good Old Boris came on…… now the thing is I know alot of people are not happy with what he has said, and yes- I agree to some effect….. but in all honesty, I think it may just be the right decision.

From “containing” the coronavirus to “delaying” it.

Ive had alot of people asking me what this means, basically…. its contained: meaning that there is a restriction put on anybody coming into the country. Flights coming in are now not in operation.

Delaying: We have a problem, its not going away, (the worst is probably still yet to come) and therefore we have to put measures in to try and Delay it so that it gives the scientists a chance to come up with a resolution/ vaccine to kill the virus.

To delay the Coronavirus we are being asked to do a number of things as follows:


It was explained clearly that if schools were closed what are the chances that kids would isolate at home? and that is a very true and honest point. It probably could be done for a week at most, and then… well I know I would probably be the first one to run out.

Schools are NOT closing. Everything continues as normal.

This is not to say that they will not close in the near future, It is being suggested that if can delay the virus by the preventing measures we have been told to follow, we can prevent the closures of schools, but it all depends on how fast the virus will travel.

Individual schools that have issues, will be dealt with individually. Apart from that everything continues on the school front as normal.

Self Help

It has been advised that the best way is to look after yourself, so if you feel a cough or a temperature, self isolate in your own home for 7 days. We have to help ourselves in order to help others, this is really important. If in doubt just self isolate. You could save lives.

Hand Washing (yes I roll my eyes every time I hear this!) but the emphasis on this is so BIG, please dont take it lightly, hand wash as regurarly as possible. Try and do it everywhere you go. It will help you and others around you.


Try and stay away from gathering and crowds as much as possible as if a person is infected the pick up rate at a crowd and gathering would be alot more. Be Careful and Be wise. Im not really sure why Boris Johnson didn’t put a ban on this. I think this will be the next stage.


It seems that the Virus has a liking to the older generation and this has really upset me. My granni at the age of 93 being a target, and the most vunerable. Although its not very clear what they will be doing for the elderly. He did say that they are aware of the virus attracting the ones with low immune systems and elderly and they are looking into the preventive measures for this.

If you do have a elderly person in the family, or are looking after one. Remember the best way to look after them is to also look after yourself, restrict going out, and also people coming in.

For more ways to help and keep informed of the coronavirus heres a webby:


Ok…. So why no Lockdown?

So far we have had 596 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Of the 596, 10 people in the Uk have lost their lives to the virus, more than 20 of them are in intensive care, and the remainder so far have been in isolation and hopefully will overcome it.

It is being suggested that a further 10,000 people are infected, and we are being told that we are 4 weeks away to get to the point of were Italy is now. In Lock down.

The ‘Delay’ process is being put into place so that hopefully if we follow the rules, we will get a couple more weeks. In no way or form is Boris Johnson saying that The Virus will go away. What is being said is that we can try and prevent it coming sooner. Hopefully enabling the scientists to find a cure.

We are not going into lockdown because its such a long time, and will people conform to the rules in this long period of time? If we educate ourselves and put these preventive measures into place, we can hopefully slow down the amount of people being affected.

Although a lockdown wouldve been the perfect solution, Im with Boris on this one, Just a weekend inside the house with the kids drives us insane, how would be manage weeks and possibly months. The country without a lockdown is in a state of turmoil. It is not good for the mental health of people, we need some sort of normality, and Boris is giving us that…. for the time being.

I hope that this will slow down the process, and I hope that we all help each other at a time like this, because we need each other.

(btw, Leicester people who are buying toilet rolls in the hundreds….. you guys do know that toilet roll are made in Leicester. we dont need to bulk buy! Calm down! *rolls eye* * winks*)

Love and Regards


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3 thoughts on “What to Make of The Coronavirus and Boris Johnson

  1. I have a feeling that the moment a few Pharma biggies have made some billions, this will end. All the very best. Take care but don’t worry.

    1. Hmmmm…. So many different theories. I just don’t know what to make of it all. Hope you all are doing well at your end x sending love and prayers your way

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