Vu Lounge – Bushey. Steak House with an Attitude


Savage (yeah) Classy (yeah) Boujie (yeah) Ratchet (yeah) ….. You singing along? Of course you are and when you next go to the Vu Lounge – Bushey, you will remember me- because its exactly that!!

Vu Lounge – Bushey had been in the men of my life (all 3) Hitlist for a while now- and off on our way to the little bro’s wedding- we took a detour. Had to do a little ‘stag’ party for him- with me of course- so kept it all Halal. As it should be peeps!!

The ambience on entrance was enough for us to know that this was definitely worth the detour. Set alone on a parkland offering views of golf courses, the stunning green feature points, it oozed of style.

Vu Lounge – Bushey is a steak house which offers Turkish/Arabic cuisine. They also have Shishas!

Steak and Shisha- could their be a better combination?

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I couldn’t take too many photos of the interior as their were so many people inside. But because we were looking for seats at the family section (being a shisha cafe, it has to be sectioned off as we had the kiddo with us) we got seated straight away.

But the difference between the two sections is huge. If you are planning to go- go without the youths (sorry kiddo’) it’s more kicking at the other side. The music is louder, the lights are buzzing, and the whole atmosphere and vibe is different. But we were stuck with the kiddos, never mind, I’ll have to make a date night with the hubby again. (hoping you are reading this dude! You taking me?.)

So what did we order?

For drinks we had Classic Mojito and strawberry Mojito, I mean we know we can never go wrong with these. Always a hit.

For starters we went for Garlic Prawns and Lamb Kofte Kebab which comes with a Cacik sauce on the side

we also had the VU MIXED GRILL– which is a mixture of Lokum Steak, Chicken wings, Chicken sheesh and
Lamb cutlets.

We also decided to try out the CHICKEN STEAK which is two pieces of marinated chicken breast with chips
and salad.

And the showstopper Lamb chops, which is a display of lamb racks- which came with a fire display and cooked in front of us. Pure Entertainment.

Sorry about the picture I had taken a video and taking a photo out of a video is quite tricky.

Don’t be fooled by the bar, Vu lounge is Halal and No Alcohol is served on premises. However you are free to bring in your own alcohol which is limited to one per person.

VU Lounge has a live DJ every day from 8pm till late

Overall verdict

Well we definitely will be going back that’s for sure, that should say it all. We loved everything, from the atmosphere, the decoration, the service, the entertainment to the food. It was spot on.

Its not just a restaurant it offers more than that under one roof, and makes a great evening out.

Have you been to Vu Lounge? How did you find it?

Click here: For more information on Vu Lounge.

Love and regards


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