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It was a little different this time. Maybe actually a whole lot more different than what we have done before.

A last minute weekend get away was on a brink, and I was taking mama and papa bear with me…. where and what was I supposed to go.

Obviously, abroad was the first thing on my mind, but I had to think of Mama and Papa Bears age. Jumping on and off a plane suits me just fine… would they be able to do it?

That’s when I thought of booking a caravan with hoseasons. Something so totally different.

As a last-minute thing, I had a lot of pressure. I had to get this right. This was the first time I was taking them both out together.

Travelling time had to be kept at a minimum, so I managed to find a spot that was available in Lincolnshire. 2 hour drive seemed manageable.

Called Thorpe Park

We found a spot…Hoseasons, Thorpe Park in Cleethorpes

Parking outside our caravan, my nerves were on edge. I silently prayed when I turned the key.

The interior was charming, cute, cozy, and comfy. Light pastel colours made the room look bigger, a nice sized seating area, a fully loaded practical kitchen, the bathroom had a toilet and clean shower, and 3 bedrooms.

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Apparently, this caravan can host 8 people, I knew it would be small, and so I had already told myself no more than 5 people in each caravan, and that seemed just about right.

Mama and Papa Bear were impressed. Think Papa Bear was more anxious, I saw a wash off relief on his face.

And now the stay,

Hoseasons offers a lot more than just parks. We went for the holiday parks because we had the kids with us.

This particular holiday park is Thorpe Park in Lincolnshire, it offers indoor and outdoor swimming (14 hourly passes per caravan, this needs to be booked). The swimming is free.

The holiday park also offers mini golf, rock climbing, the big jump, aerial adventure, archery, karting, and 9 hole golf all at reasonable prices. Once again, all of this needs to be booked in advance. The prices of the activity start from as little as £3, the most expensive being the aerial adventure at £20 for the hour but so worth it.

What we did

Honestly, it was time spent together, from eating together to picnic in the cold and zip wiring. Everything was done together.

And the caravan holiday – being within a holiday park allowed the family time we needed.

Mama bear loved the fishing, ponds, and feeding the birds, which we told her off for.

Yet she did it again. Seriously, who does she think she is? Ugh. Parents

and Papa bear… he wanted time out and time away from the constant fatigue of home. It was quite funny to see him try and find a spot to get wi-fi. Some things will never change, I guess.

My Verdict

We paid £250 for a weekend for a caravan. Weekend being Friday to Monday. And that includes free passes to the swimming and night entertainment for the kids (we did not go to this, as we spent evenings playing board games in the caravan)

We went at off-peak times, so £250 I would say is a reasonable price, you can get lucky and pay less, but if you’re looking in holiday time, it is double.

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We loved our stay, I can’t fault it in any way. It was perfect for the quality time that we needed to get away. We played board games, ate together, bbq’d today, and just had the absolute best time with my favourite people

I would actually do it again. I am actually planning it again for next year. It’s a cheap and cheerful getaway.

Have you been on a Caravan break? Where and how was your trip?

Where would you recommend for my next trip?

I actually work alongside Hoseasons, so if you wanted to book in, please feel free to message me.

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Love and Regards

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