Toothpain and 6 ways to relieve it.


I suffer really bad from toothpain, because of my addiction to all things fizzy, I don’t need to tell you the condition of my teeth. (Sure don’t look like the photo I posted!)

In a year I will have 6 visits to the dentist minimum just to have a filling either put in, or Re-put in. I’ve already lost 2 teeth, and I’m sure the one that’s hurting me now is next…..And it’s horrendous. My worst visits in life.

The worst for me is- I am allergic to codeine so for that reason they can’t use the anesthetic with codeine in. And because of my low blood pressure- the other anesthetic ‘Adreneline’ is also questionable as that reduces the BP more- so I could end up collapsing (which has happened twice to me so far)

To top it all off- I have reflux issue- so that means they can’t fully lay me down- and the dentist and practitioners all end up with backpain because they have to work on my teeth in funny angles. I’m surprised they have kept me on.

So a trip to the dentist for me, is like a mini surgery- I have doctors on standby- a pulse reader- checking my heart rate, an ambulance parked outside. It’s crazy because it’s a small procedure, and I feel awful because they have to do this for me (I have to cut out the fizzy drinks!!!)

But I am grateful that they put up with me, and take it all in there stride. Forever grateful. (I promise I will stop the fizzy drinks!)

Toothpain has to be the worst kind of pain after labour. How a single tooth can affect your whole body is crazy. It affects your head, can have headache, feel nauseous, feel heavy eyes, your jaw and ears ache, body temperature goes up and you can have fever, and the irritable mood that comes along does not help either! Not for me or the person on the receiving end.

So I thought I’d share a few tips that I use whilst waiting for my appointment, and yes those couple of hours before the appointment are the longest ones of my life!


I only discovered this little beauty like a year ago. Why nobody had told me about this goes beyond me. Use a pea sized amount and rub on to tooth, it numbs the pain down for a couple of hours. And yup it does work. The relief is amazing.

Nurofen and Paracetamol

A must with toothache. A Nurofen (400mg) every 6 hours, and Paracetamol 2 of them- every 4 hours. This also helps relieve the pain for a couple of hours. If you are having this and pain does not subside it’s a sign of an infection.

Clove Oil

Put a drop or two of this oil on to a cotton wool and then put around gums and tooth. This is actually very strong and may feel tingly especially if lips or tongue touch it- but it is a natural remedy used from ancient times, and works well. It numbs down the pain for a little while. Sometimes pain can go away naturally. Alternatively if you have clove in the house- cut up a small piece and wedge between the tooth in pain- crunch down- allow the juices to come out. Wait 3-4 minutes and allow the magic to happen.

Salt and Water Rinse

The most common one . Add salt in warm water and gargle and rinse out. Salt water neautralises acids caused by bacteria- so it there is an infection- it will bring down the pH allowing you to relax temporarily.

Cold Compress

One of the oldest method of painrelief, not just for teeth but all around pain aswell, including bumps and bruises. It works by lessening the blood flow therefore numbing the area around the nerves.

Peppermint Tea Leaves

Use a cooled down used peppermint tea leave and press down on affected area. The herbs in the tea leaves have numbing properties which will help soothe the area. You must make sure it’s cooled down though.

All the above are temporary fixes- so that you can get through the days before your appointment.

I’ve managed to get an emergency appointment as I haven’t slept all night- and all above are not helping.

I’ve just been advised that I have an infection which needs to be cleared- and then I have to consider another removal.

That’s the 3rd tooth now. I’m not Evan 40 yet. Things are not looking good ( officially throwing away all fizzy drinks from my fridge!!)

Please keep me in your prayers. I hate the dentist

Love and regards


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