Thunderbird Fried Chicken at The O2 Arena.

thunderbird fried chicken

After our very strenuous but fun climb of the O2 we had to fill our stomachs, and it had to be done pretty fast. So we hit google to find out where the nearest Halal food restaurant is near O2 or Greenwich. Lucky for us- it was inside the O2. It is the Thunderbird Fried Chicken.

Bingo. We had 5 teenagers and younger with us, we could not cope having to drag them in tubes everywhere.

Thunderbird Fried Chicken answered our prayers and we went on in. Notoriously known to have won the award for best buffalo wings in the London Wingfest, I was quite excited about this.

The Interior

For a fried chicken/wing place its exactly as I expected. The hard wood tables, benches and wiry industrial chairs. Little smart quotes here and there. Yup. Exactly as I would expect.

Thunderbirds Fried Chicken is not too fancy for heels- and also you can wear your best Converses and expect to get your fingers grubby kinda food place.

Perfect for the starve ridden- “I climbed the O2” and now I’m hungry teenagers we had bundled with us.

What did we Order?

Thunderbun – The OG (This means Original Gangster- I didn’t know that. I had to google it! Learn something new everyday!) Classic Burger. – a juicy chicken breast in any sauce (you get to choose) lettuce and pickles. Yup we kept it safe for the kiddos.

Habanero Wings (The 3 chilli’s next to the name enticed us)- Thunderbirds call this one ‘The hot one, A borderline sadistic quantity of habanero chilli tempered with a chargrilled pepper cream, zigzag of sriracha glaze and sprinkled with a little coriander.”

Urm. Yes Please! Eat your heart out people!

And obviously we went for the Chipuffalo– this is the award winning one.

We had to give it a try these babies are voted the best buffalo wings in London:

And obviously Fries, Fries, and Little more fries.

Now for the Verdict:

Finger licking goodness in every bite. The Chipuffalo lives up to its name of award winning wings in London!

The Habanero had my mouth giving off a little steam and the burgers were devoured by our hungry little devils.

Moreish and Halal.

The perfect meal after a strenuous climb for sure.

Next time your in the O2 be sure to pop into Thunderbird Fried Chicken. Its worth it I promise. You can find them here.

With stomachs full we walked around the O2 and I bought myself some Tea. The perfect end to the day?


Read here: Earlier on: “We climbed the O2” All you need to know before you climb.

Love and Regards


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