Things to Do at JBR. Why we choose to stay here.


Planning a trip to Dubai can be the most exciting, frustrating, thrilling, overwhelming, exasperating experience ever. Tell me you understand me.

Dubai has so much to offer, no matter how much time you spend in Dubai you always feel like you have not had enough and you have to book in the next trip (obviously pocket money permitted, because it costs to breathe in Dubai). So you want to make sure you get it right.

Being our fourth visit to Dubai, we decided to venture out a little, only to fall straight back to JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence). Why? Ill tell you why

Our stay left us at Hilton Dubai The Walk Hotel with direct access to its own area of the private beach, located in the heart of JBR. Called ‘The Walk’ because its literally a walk away from everything you need access to.

So Lets go . Things to Do at JBR

The Beach

Obviously its called Jumeirah Beach Residence / JBR for a reason and the beach is a credit to it. We used the private access from our hotel. But JBR Beach is open and available and free for all to use.

Spotlessly clean ( you will see cleaners everywhere) with soft white sand, and the clearest bluest green sea water you ever will see.

Sitting on the beach, and the area around it is free, you can rent out sunbeds from the vendors around, or bring your own chairs.

Prices start at roughly £20 for a sunbed and a towel for the whole day.

For more on the beach- I found this page really useful

Flying Cup

Want to see the sights of JBR from a height? The flying cup has the answer.

With your feet dangling 40 metres up in the sky, enjoy your drink, meal, snacks and take in the famous JBR sights.

I forgot to mention it also rotates! Don’t panic, it rotates slowly, your food will definitely stay in your stomach. Just don’t look down if you feel a little queasy.

A ride up at the flying cup takes 40 minutes in total.

Prices vary on what package you choose but just for reference a ride on the flying cup with one drink and popcorn is roughly £18 per person

Smoky Beach

Hello Shisha Lovers, what better way to enjoy Dubai than to have shisha on a beach, not any beach Jbr beach. Cant do that at home can we?

What a truly unique experience. Famous for its location and shishas. It s the ideal night time spot.

Dubai Eye /Ain Dubai

The worlds largest observation wheel, obviously inspired by the London Eye- but its in Dubai so, bigger and better!

Reaching up to 250metres high, it reaches heights higher than any roller coaster we ever will sit on.

With 48 capsules holding 30 people in each capsule, it takes a full hour for it to go round.

I didn’t get a chance to go on it this time round because it was 48 degrees and closed due to the heat, but its on the bucket list for my next trip.

The Dubai eye costs roughly £29 per person.

Read here: 24 hours in Dubai

Roxy Cinema

I know generally we don’t think about going to the cinema when abroad, but the ‘Roxy cinema’ is quite a different cinema experience. Once again Dubai takes a average thing, twists it, turns it and makes it magical and Roxy cinema is no exception.

Get ready for a pampering cinema experience, with plush seating, 3 course meals and 100 % attention whilst watching.

Roxy cinema at the Jbr beach offers two types of cinema viewing. Please do have a look and see which one you would like to experience.

Depending on what movies are available prices start from roughly £5 but go up according to the experience and extra additional treats you go for.

For more on Roxy cinema click here

Fine Wine Dining

We are in Dubai- if we don’t Fine Wine ( Stop right there Haram Police, I’m talking about non-alcoholic drinks when I ‘Wine’ )then what even are we doing here?

And JBR has it all- from Eggspectation, to The Cheesecake Factory to Black Tap and so so many more.

My personal favourite Pappa Roti- these soft flavoured buns are absolutely to die for.

Got my eye on the Bateel cafe next.

Water Sports

If there’s a beach and a sea- obviously there’s water sports, and the JBR beach offers the best. with loads of vendors available selling packages, find the best one for you and jet away.

From kayaking, Sunboarding, jet sking and Flyboarding. They have it all.

Prices vary according to what you are after, Kayaking is roughly £20 for 60 minutes whilst jet skiing is £65.


On the walk you’ll find loads of shops available, from Sephora to Zara and Zara home to shopping centres with Dubais own brands and locals. Victoria Secret to Lacoste. It has it all. You’ll find something for everyone here.

and guys there is so much more, so much more I haven’t even discovered and experienced. All ready and stored for my next trip. JBR is definitely the spot regardless of age. It caters for all, whether your a family, a couple or solo travelling.

It would be a real pity to Come to Dubai and not spend time here.

Have you been to Dubai? What’s your favourite Location?

Love and Regards


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