The Zara Sale Haul (Summer 2020)

I am so damn proud of myself. I behaved this year for sure! This has to be the smallest Zara sale haul I have ever done, and I’m really happy with Everything I bought. For my Instagram followers- guys I will link back whatever is available.

It may be the lockdown that helped with this, I’m just not wearing much of anything at the moment, anything that’s quick, easy, comfortable, easy to iron is what’s working at moment and so I seem to have lost my desire for clothes, especially because lockdown may have eased round the Uk- but not for Leicester….. Guess where I live!? Leicester. Seriously peeps- what are the chances??

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The White Shirt

So back to the Haul; One can never have too many white shirts, you agree right? I mean every wardrobe has one white shirt minimum….

And this one with the pleats called my name and wanted a home amongst all the others. Couldn’t say no- it’s too chic, and at £12.99 it’s sitting with its new family. Click here

The Bootleg Jeans

Next up are these high rise bootleg cropped jeans. I needed to check the cropped part because as a modest dresser- ‘cropped’ has to be a certain amount- but being 5’3- most of the time it isn’t too much of a issue. And these fit perfectly, just slightly grazing the ankle, just how I like my ‘cropped’ to be. And have a look at the ends. I absolutely adore the ripped edges. Another bargain at £12.99. Click here

The Chic Jumper

Next up this cutie:

I fell in love with the bow- it’s the cutest with its ‘sailor vibes’. I’m still loving the blue and white feels to clothing- and this balances itself nicely against the black. It’s definately not for the warmer weather we have at the moment, but it’s going in with my winter wardrobe for sure. Another bargain at £15.99. Click here.

The White Top

Next up this tweed effect contrast top, I love the ruching on the sleeves on this, and the tweed effect looks beaut. ( It is just effect, it’s not actual tweed) it’s perfect for the heat we have at the moment- can you guess the price? Urm. Yup. £12.99 again

The Mum Jeans

And last up it’s these straight cut mum jeans,

The colour is slightly lighter than the other one, and the bottoms are just straight cut offs. I had to add this in, at £12.99 it’s a no brainer.

And here’s how I’ll be piecing them together

The white shirt will definitely look better tucked into the jeans- and depending on where I will be going, either the heels or the trainer’s. Both finish off the outfit perfectly.

The next one gives me proper summer feels, it’s the tweed effect top with the mum jeans, and a pair of flat pointies. Add the beach hat and plan the perfect garden party!

My favourite out of everything, my ‘sailor’ top, being a cropped top I’ll definately need a top underneath to cover my rear ( I am not a fan of my rear sticking out too much) the mum jeans and a pair of Converses. I think I conquered it.

All 5 items came to just under £68, and I got 3 different outfits out of it. I’m really pleased with it. All links attached.

What do you guys think? How would you wear it?

Love and regards.


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