Carden Park Spa and Afternoon Tea Review


You know when you go to a spa and you think to yourself, Oh but the other one was better……… And then you go to another and you think again, Oh No! I should really stop doing this now because the other one was definitely better…… And then in your head you know that there’s nothing better than the one you usually go to…. Right?…..Nope…. You are wrong…. I found one better….Welcome to the Carden Park Spa.

The initial plan was Ragdale Hall, because that is ‘The Spa’ that I compare to all other spas (and it is damn good I promise you!) But it was becoming too predictable, and I needed to do something different for my Partner in Crime Katija. Although she is always up for Ragdale Hall too when I stumbled upon this place I knew we had to give it a try.

Lock down had really taken a toll on us, with home working and kids being at home and making 150 million meals a day. We excitedly and patiently waited for schools to start back up and then we could venture out…. Again.

We ended up in Cheshire and outside this beautiful place. Keep in mind we had our reservation in mind, especially as it was a 2 and a half hour drive compared to 40 minutes to get to Ragdale Hall, and you can NEVER go wrong with Ragdale Hall.

We went for the Afternoon Spa Experience. Which gives us full use of the spa garden and thermal experiences, with one 50-minute spa treatment and Afternoon Tea (of course) and that is between 1.00-5.30.

This worked out perfect for us as we wouldn’t need to leave at silly-o-clock in the morning, and we would be back home in our beds nice and early. (We are getting old- silly-o-clock just doesn’t do it for us anymore)

On entrance to the Spa we knew we were in a magical place. The reception area with its stunning staircase, water feature, gorgeous greenery backdrop, and beautiful lights made us take our breath away….. And this is just the reception area.

Once we caught our breath we were advised of our day: Starting with a quick tour of the Spa. We would have our treatments first and get use of the indoor facilities and once ready can walk outside and use the outdoor too as we wished. Afternoon Tea was booked in for 3.30, and we would need to be on our way to leaving at 5.30.

On our tour I just remember oohing and ahhing the whole way…. the whole building and set up was mesmerising …. (Ragdale Hall who?) I wanted to pay attention to our guide but it was all too much beauty for me to take in…. luckily Katija was paying attention.

Our treatments were booked in first for 1.30 so we headed towards the changing room to get nice and cosy and comfy before our day of bliss, towels, robes and slippers all provided by the spa. The changing rooms were generous in size and impeccably clean.


The Changing rooms at The Spa at Carden

For our treatment I had booked us both in for full body massage, what a start to the day. All the stresses removed….lockdown? what lockdown? Covid what? … We were transported to better days.

….After our blissful treatment we were taken down the various escape indoor relaxing rooms, Our favourite had to be the Deep relaxation Room- with lounges to sleep on, warm fluffy blankets and a large fireplace all in a dark setting, it eased our day into pure relax mode.

carden park spa slumber room


and then we stepped outdoors…..I don’t really know what the Garden of Eve look’s like but I’m betting you it got its inspiration from here. (or vice versa) . The garden is Huge!! I don’t think I have ever seen such a large outdoor area in a Spa before, our eyes were transported from one end to the other, we stopped and looked because we didn’t really know where to go.

For the rest of our day here we forgot we were in the UK , that’s how glamorous and beautiful it is. They had the outdoor pools, hot tubs scattered all over, a cabin hut bar serving drinks outside (yes! so like we were on holiday) ….

…Cosy pods to settle into, sun loungers popped up everywhere, a firepit, outdoor sauna (which was closed due to covid) and….. absolute and pure Bliss!! were we really in Manchester? *pinch me, I  think I’m dreaming….. not too hard though*

We made our way to the sun lounges keeping in mind the Covid rules and headed towards a hot tub. To our pleasant surprise within minutes we had a bar staff come to take orders for our drinks…. how cute! *pinch me again, we are so not in the UK*

We spent a little time in the hot tubs, and then headed to the fire pit, how beautiful is this?…..

carden park spa outdoor fire pit

and spent a little more time inside one of many pods scattered throughout the garden, inside its furnished with comfortable sofa type seating, so warm we were sure they are heated and they had the facility to crank up the music from the bar…. *are we really in UK? another pinch needed*

Indoor Pool at The Spa at Carden

After spending our time, talking mostly about how beautiful the place was and taking far too many photos it was time for Afternoon Tea and we were sure ready for it. Afternoon tea is served on the rooftop restaurant.

carden park spa reception area
Rooftop restaurant at The Spa at Carden

We got a window seat overlooking the whole garden, and although we had spent so much time here, we were still in awe of it. For Hot drinks we were offered tea or coffee, and we opted for the vegetarian afternoon tea, (halal afternoon tea is available on request).

Right ok so I have got to say that from this point you have not heard me say a bad word about this place at all right? and let me tell you this, you will not hear it at all. Every thing that was given to us was so tasty. I have nothing to fault. Nothing. Nothing at all. I even ate desserts, and I don’t do desserts….

We spent the last of our trip in the panoramic room, and took In the whole atmosphere one more time….

The setting in the room with it’s cool and soothing colours ….. And then our 2 and a half hour trip back home… Ahhhh if only it was closer to home.

Honestly speaking, this place is now sitting at the top- as a joint in my ‘Best Spa Visited’

The Afternoon Tea package at Carden Park spa is at £155 this includes a treatment and full use of facilities between 1.30-5.30.

Other packages are available and can be found here

Hope you enjoyed your little trip with us, let me know which other spas are your favourite?

Love and Regards


Covid guidelines: Masks to be worn inside building at all times apart from in treatment rooms and when dining. Sauna and Steam rooms were closed at my time of visit, but I do know that they opened up shortly after. No more that 6 people in one hot tub at a time, and be careful to adhere to the 2m distancing rule.

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