The Landmark Hotel Afternoon Tea under the Palm Trees

Landmark hotel london afternoon tea

The Plan for today was to sit and enjoy the ride….. So out of my comfort zone- I am the Driver, I Drive. Who is Driving? Me! Well not today, today I was told ‘Sit and Enjoy the Ride’. At first I felt out of control, out of my depth, what does a passenger do? just sit…. and nothing? …..Yes! that’s what I did, and did I enjoy it? Heck YES! More passenger trips please!

My belated birthday trip (what with Covid and the constant Lock down’s) was to The Landmark Hotel for none other than Afternoon Tea (I mean really, could it be anything else?) Although we parked up behind the Hotel, If your a tuber then its just near Marylebone Station.

Leaving the main road and the winter cold air behind we were taken into this enchanted building and transported to a warmer world with large open ceilings, soft piano key notes and beautiful palm trees soaring the sky. (And the beautiful Christmas trees. Of Course)

I forgot what we were there for, pulled out my phone and started taking pictures whilst the receptionist patiently waited for us to get over our delirium.

Afternoon Tea came with a glass of champagne, obviously we had to go for the non-alcoholic mocktail’s, mine being anything with raspberry in it- my drink needs a bit of fizz and tanginess, and it did not disappoint. At All.

The selection of teas was so varied, just the way I like it and the way it should be. We started off with the English Breakfast Tea and then I switched to the Smooth Caramel. The Caramel tea was so good- and the smell of it drifted over the surroundings, so much that Sabina had to then try mine too.

Landmark Hotel Afternoon Tea

For the Finger Sandwiches we opted for the halal option. We received 4 varieties. Egg mayonnaise, Smoked Salmon, Classic cucumber and Coronation Chicken. The Coronation chicken had to be my favourite, such a flavoursome sandwich, although the others were not too bad either. And Sandwiches were on call, so just ask for more if you wish. We ate our sandwiches whilst we took in the glamour of the place. Still obsessed and still cant get over it.

Landmark Hotel Afternoon Tea

Next up came these dainty delights….. yes just drool, carry on its fine, I did the same…..

Landmark Hotel Afternoon tea

How do we even attempt to eat this? Where do you start, why ruin a pretty picture?….. But when your with Sabina- pictures don’t matter, the belly does and so she showed us and we followed suit

For desserts we had Honey and Bitter Orange Yule, Macaroon filled with Chocolate Ganache, Cranberry mousse, and a Chocolate Truffle…. But forget that, just look at it. Again!

landmark hotel afternoon tea

You guys know for me desserts is about looks right? I don’t really like desserts, but I love making and looking….. but this is something else,right?

And lastly the Scones, the reason for Afternoon Tea! The Main reason for Afternoon Tea. Scones are life, especially smothered with clotted cream and Raspberry jam! Divine. The scones were perfect- hard on the outside soft and warm inside and oh so buttery. By far the best scones I have had in a while.

landmark hotel afternoon tea
landmark hotel afternoon tea

Whilst we Sat and ate I managed to take a walk around and take in the beautiful location, its really is captivating. Even after our 3 hours were up- I could’ve just sat and looked and looked some more.

landmark hotel afternoon tea
landmark hotel afternoon tea
Landmark Hotel afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel is £62 (plus tax) per person and includes a glass of champagne/Mocktail. If you like Afternoon Tea, this is a good one! Add to your list, you will not be disappointed.

Read about my last Afternoon Tea adventure at Sketch here,

Love and Regards


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