The Knot Churros- Londons New Instagrammable Cafe


Have I ever mentioned that I Love London?…… Ok Ok, just maybe a few million times right? Just a few….. not nearly enough. And so I will mention it one last time ‘I Love London’….. Oh when will Lock down end so that we can get out again? I just want to go London.

My last trip before the umpteenth Lock down (we have gone through so many transitions, I don’t know where we stand anymore). We stopped by at this pretty little place for a nightcap after our afternoon tea at the Landmark Hotel. (you can read about it here)

So where are we?and Why Here?

The Knot Churros

Well I showed my little bundle of joy that I wanted the new hot drinks that were all over Instagram with the floating candy floss, and when I mention my desires to her….. well usually she takes me there…. All for that Photo….. and the drink of course!

And I got my photo! At the Knot Churros!

But lets talk further because this place is a little secret haven…. I have got more pictures to prove it!

Based in South Kensington, its a small and cosy little cafe/dessert shop with all the insta worthy ticks in place.

The knot churros

On entrance you are wowed, from the grey concrete flooring, to the tropical wallpaper, the hanging floral display, to the hanging swing with faux fur seating, its an adventure away from home.

Yes I would say it a small place, but hey that adds to the privacy I guess. when we entered there was no space, they offered us take-out but saw in our face it was not what we wanted. And so we waited probably 30 minutes to be seated, so do keep this in mind if you are thinking of visiting.

The knot churros

We used the 30 minutes to take pictures on the swing and just gulp in how amazingly they have decorated such a small place, with flamingo’s and neon signs, our eye was transported to every nook and corner taking it all in….

What did we Order?

The knot churros

Well my floating hot chocolate obviously. I mean, How Cool!!! Obsessed and its called The Knot Churros- so Churros on the side is a must, and that was presented really nicely too. We opted for the plain and the Lotus Ones… The taste….. urm…. just a tad disappointed. I have had warmer and better hot chocolate, and the churros were not the best either…. but the candy floss and the photo moments made the whole experience worth it.

The knot churros

My Honest Review

I loved it and hated it at the same time, I loved the decor, I loved the instagrammable points, I loved the look. The Price for a London Cafe was not bad at all…… We took loads of Photos, I spent my drive back deleting them, because of the amount we took….. but….. the food was not the best. The hot chocolate was not hot- more of a warm sticky. The churros were disappointing too. I’m glad that we didn’t order more. I was going to order some churros for the boys at home, but glad that I didn’t order it on arrival.

The knot churros

Having said that I am glad that its been ticked off on the bucket list.

Have you been Here? or somewhere similar? What places would you recommend for me to add on my bucket list? (hopefully if Lock Down ever ends)

Love and Regards


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