The Instagrammable Wardrobe for Cappadocia.


A spontaneous trip and on the whim booking meant we were going to Cappadocia.

How it happened I don’t know. Us- I mean the golden girls we struggle to get to Birmingham, how we booked this and are back already seems a little blur.

But we did it.

We went. We saw. We conquered.

And now for the details because this isn’t any old resort or Turkey trip.
This is the Instagrammable influenced floaty dresses, bright colours, once in a lifetime, dream like trip…..

And it starts with a new wardrobe.

This was quite tricky for me, as you guys know by now, me and dresses have a love hate relationship. (Read here- do I have to wear a dress?) But I knew this was one of those occasions like Eid, or my brother’s wedding.

So let the shopping begin….

As soon as our flights were booked in, we started on our itinerary.

With 3 full days and 3 nights we had to make the most of our trip.
Cappadocia is not a place we would come to again. It’s a ‘I’ve ticked it off my bucket list’ kind of place.

On a normal holiday- the strategy is to take clothes according to the number of days. Not in Cappadocia. In Cappadocia it’s about having an outfit for each adventure…. Sounds crazy right? It is! It absolutely is. Thanks to Instagram.

Vintage Car Hire

My trip started with a very difficult task: Find a dress. Not any old dress, make it bright! (*rolls eye*)
I’m not really a floral type of person. This was the biggest challenge for me. Everything I found was bright was floral! Would I really have to end up with a floral dress?

I instantly fell in love.
No patterns, just colours, loads of them, and it ticked the floaty part too.
We have a winner.

I did feel like a walking and talking sherbet stick for the day, As was everyone else around me.

Quad Biking

I know. I know this outfit is not suitable for quad biking. But who said Quad biking has to be dull?

Yes. I didn’t have those shoes on (conveniently stored away in rucksack whilst driving).
Because it’s not a dress, this is my favourite from all the outfits. It a jumpsuit.

This jumpsuit also covers my behind!

Yes! Mama bear may pull a face at the colour, but nobody will be telling me off for not dressing modestly.

Hot Air Balloon

This polka outfit has been in my wardrobe over a year.

I bought it in the Mango sale over a year ago inspired by Catherine the Princess of Wales.
I actually saved it for our annual Wimbledon trip, but it’s been a few years out annual trips are not coming to fruition, and so this outfit was waiting for it’s day.
And it came. And I reserved it for our hot air balloon ride.

Why? Well because I knew on the hot air balloon I wouldn’t get a full outfit pic, and that suited me just fine for this.
A little colour, a little pattern, a little ‘I’m wearing a dress’ kind of vibes.

Yes it’s definitely the right one.


Touring is hard work especially in the heat. So a dress was a definite no for me, so when I saw this piece I knew had to have it. Its got the colour and the comfort I needed.

Comfortable, and bright. This was perfect for the touring! And by now I have had enough of looking a floaty sherbet stick. No matter how great the pictures. Sometimes you have to fall back to what you are comfortable in. And this did just that.

This outfit has sold out now. But still available in different colours.

And now for the Real Deal and My tips.

I need you All to be aware Cappadocia is very dusty, rocky, hilly. Everything that Instagram conveniently glamourises is so real and raw, and so uncomfortable and so be prepared for damaged shoes, outfits and bags.

I would advise on Trainers everywhere and keep a backpack with you with the shoes- just for the photos.

Plan your outfits according to your activities.

I had planned my outfits per excursion: Hot air balloon, vintage car ride, touring and quad biking. I knew in my head these 4 were the most important for me.

I would recommend for the Hot air balloon-only the top half of your outfit shows- so make this the main character. If you are going to be hiring out a Vintage car, go for colourful and floaty.

Quad biking naturally has to be either a jumpsuit or cargo pants or jeans- but whatever you go for- glam it up with colours. And for touring, it has to be a mixture of comfort and style.

Bright outfits are a must– with the dusty air- the bright outfits really give a magical touch. Neutral tones go so well with the background and imagery of Cappadocia, So, either or will work.

And to finish book yourself in for an adventure like no other.

Have you been to Cappadocia? Would you go again?

What are your tips?

Love and Regards


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