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My birthday was a little odd this year, considering it was my 40th, I should have really thought it through a little better. I had just arrived from Portugal yesterday, and the hubby and Kiddo were in Antalya.

Whatever happened to the nuclear stable family support system we usually have, I really don’t know. What a way to start my 40’s.

The nuclear family may have destabilised for a little while, but my friendship circle… they had my back.

They literally had 24 hours to come up with something, and so on birthday morning, a hoot of my awaiting car, and I was bundled off to The Belmont Hotel Leicester….. for Afternoon Tea, of course. I mean, guys, could it be anything else, really?

The Belmont Hotel Leicester

The Belmont Hotel is a local boutique hotel in Leicester. It’s local to ourselves, and it has been around for as long as I can remember. At the age of 16- I had an interview here for a job at ‘Next directory’, but apart from that, I have never been inside.

So parking up and going inside brought back a little nostalgia of the young, carefree, naive self I have so long left behind.

I’ve got to admit I didn’t remember the interior at all, or maybe at that age, I wasn’t so much interested as I was this time. It’s a little hidden Gem. It truly is.

It had the cutest, cosiest, quirkiest furniture. I think I was more impressed because we dont usually see places like this in this part of Leicester.

We were taken to our seats straight away in a small yet very cute dining room.

And set on the table awaiting us,

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Afternoon Tea

Yes. you Know it, I fell in love. If only I could take these dishes back home with me.

For drinks we had a choice of tea and coffee. That’s it. Yup. You guys know I get stumped when you only get 2 options.

I dont know why I complain, though.

I always go for Tea anyway, I just need options, that’s all.

And then the Afternoon Tea stand. What a picture, right?

We went for the vegetarian option, which gave us a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, a coleslaw sandwich, an egg sandwich, and sun dried tomato sandwiches. I won’t lie. The sandwiches were pretty decent. I really enjoyed them.

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The scones, absolute yum, could have done being a little warmer, but still quite good.

Remember folks – Cream first.

And the desserts….. just good for the pictures. Absolutely untouchable, rubbery and we felt like we were eating plastic.

My verdict

I loved the venue, I truly believe this is a hidden gem in Leicester. However ( and you will hardly ever hear me saying this), we had an encounter with a member of staff who quite so obviously didn’t want us there.

Firstly, he only gave us an option of tea and coffee, but when he was serving other guests the variety of hot drinks was more varied.

When we asked for more tea, he seemed irritated, whilst being extremely friendly with other people.

We were pretty much left alone, whilst we noticed he was attentive to everyone else needs apart from us.

We felt like we couldn’t ask for anything, because not even one smile was reserved for us.

I’m not saying I’ve never encountered a racist attack, I’m brown. It’s a part of our life. We are also thick skinned, something we have had to be. But in Leicester, and literally a stones throw away from my home? and in this day and age. That’s what stumped me.

But I wont let it get the best of me, not on my birthday! and the best way to pay him back. Girls in Leicester, especially brown girls, its a hidden gem, book yourselves in. Make him run around a little (Just don’t eat the desserts!)

Have you been to the Belmont Hotel?

Any other hidden gems in Leicester?

Click here for pricing and menu for The Belmont Hotel

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Transparency: All thought’s and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way at all.

Love and regards

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