The Belfry Fire and Ice Experience with Afternoon Tea


The Golden Girls had taken a day off and we had no where to go. We wanted to get away to spend a day together, but we were struggling to find somewhere we could get away in between school hours.

The hunting began as I really didn’t want to be in Leicester and we had all taken a day off work.

And then I saw this absolutely silly offer on the Belfry Website. It was a Fire and Ice Experience with Afternoon Tea for £25pp.

Honestly I don’t even know what that means. But I asked the girls, and they said ‘Yes’ and off we went.

Ill be entirely honest. We were excited, nervous, worried, dubious, but we decided good or bad it’ll be a laugh as it always is when we are together.

The Belfry Hotel

As soon as the kids were dropped off we left. An hour journey to get to Sutton Coldfield where the Belfry is.

Access to the spa is via the Hotel entrance, so we got to see what the hotel offers which was nice as the Belfry website has a few offers on and we got a little taste of it whilst walking through.

The Spa at the Belfry Hotel

Warmly welcomed and handed our robes, slippers and towel we made our way to the changing rooms.

Everything seemed to be going well so far, we were still waiting for a ***bombshell***.

The Fire and Ice Experience

On entrance to the Fire and Ice we were introduced to the Fire and Ice concept.

Its based on introducing your body to different depths of warmth and cold temperatures. This is done by a collection of 12 rooms all with hot and cold temperaments.

Apparently as you move through the rooms- one hot and one cold you should reach a sense of deep relaxation.

The Rooms

Each room is numbered, but its up to you how you want to use it. You can follow the numbers or go in and out of the rooms as you wish. Each room had a recommended time so you know roughly how long to spend in there.

We started off at the Foot Spa ( always a favourite) It was the best start to the day as we immersed our feet in scented hot water bubbling away.

Next Up ‘The Caledrium’. This bright Pink, citrus infused room sets us up straight away in relax mode.

Not too hot too feel stuffy so early- its at the right temperature to start the day off as we start hitting more warm and cold temperatures.

Now I know we are meant to be doing one hot and then one cold room, but you guys know me.

I don’t do Cold.

So I left the Cold for Afsha, whilst me and Afwana basked in the warmth.

We even ‘dared’ Afsha to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, but I’m sure me and Afwana screamed louder when the cold ice water landed on her. Yes! I’ll say it again. We don’t do Cold.

Here’s a few pics of the colder rooms we didn’t even bother attempting.

and pictures of the ones we did.

and we kept the best part till last. The Hydrotheraphy pool. Yes it was small, but it was just right.

We spent most of what was left of our time here.

Afternoon Tea at Rocca’s Diner

After our 90 minutes ,we got dressed and ready and headed on up to Rocca’s for Afternoon Tea. Rocca’s Diner is a restaurant inside Belfry Hotel.

Light, airy and spacious it was perfect for Afternoon Tea.

Once again we were Stumped.

Did we only pay £25 for all of this? Was there a mistake somewhere?

Afternoon Tea was perfect. The Perfect ending to the day. It was traditional afternoon Tea- no gimmicks no fancy stuff, no quirkiness. Just traditional Afternoon Tea.

For sandwiches we had Cream cheese and cucumber, a cheese sandwich, and onions and peppers sandwich.

Cream First. Always!

Warm scones, clotted cream and jam! The best part of Afternoon tea and it was devoured.

And lastly the dainty desserts. The Fruit tart was absolutely delicious, I always love a little tanginess to my desserts and this served it up well.

Afsha and Afwana enjoyed the cakes. I avoided them as I was already full, but also I don’t do cakes. I Just make them.

The plan was to get back home before the kiddos, and so we packed up the leftovers in this cute little package The Belfry gave us.

And that’s now a bye from the Golden Girls.

Thank you for joining us again on our adventure.

Click here: Carden Park Spa and Afternoon Tea

The discussion in the car- Did we really do all of this fro £25??! Hell yea we did! And we still don’t believe it to this day. Do we think it was an error on the website?

We will never know but hey I’m happy to snap up any more errors should they come my way!

This offer is no longer available on the Belfry website but they do have other great offers.

To pick up a deal click here.

Love and regards


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