Suleymaniye Mosque – Istanbul


The Suleymaniye Mosque Istanbul is the fourth imperial mosque to be built in the Ottamon era.

It was built for ‘Suleyman the Magnificent’. It took 8 years to build and completed in 1557.

Sultan Suleman the Magnificent was the longest reigning sultan of the Ottoman era (1550-1566). He is also known as the Peace keeper.

This is not only a mosque. The Suleymaniye Mosque Istanbul was also used as a school, soup kitchen, hospital, a resting lodge for travellers, library, and Bazaar.

It also holds the Tombs of Sultan Suleymaniye and his wife as well as other tombs.

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Because it housed so many facilities, this was not just a mosque but rather a charitable foundation to house and feed the poor and needy. This is regardless of faith.

The incredible size of the mosque, allowed it to hold everything within its walls. The main hall being 59 metres by 59 metres.


The interior of the Suleymaniye mosque Istanbul is very simple and impressively large. With a absolutely breathakingly large Dome. Its very reminiscent of Hagia Sophia yet holds it own identity.

Large open spaces and loads of small stained glassed windows are its main features.

Iznik tiles can be found at the mirhib. The only place where you will find the Iznik tiles- a clear indication of which direction to pray in.

And the domes as with most domes inside Turkish Mosques fine detailed with Intricate Islamic art.


The immensely large courtyard of the Sulemaniye Mosque Istanbul is a show of how it was used for feeding people. The size of the millstone yet another feature to show that this was more than just a mosque.

This complex provided a home and food for thousands of people.

Location, Location

The Suleymaniye mosque Istanbul can be found near Eminunu. So its a great day out as well as to see the buzzing spice bazaar, and the Eminunu waterfront.

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Have you been to the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul?

Which is your favourite mosque?

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