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2021 has really cruised past for me, with high hopes in place with the vaccines, and the new travel guides with the red, amber and green lights (which were more confusing than British weather to be honest) it was something I was really looking forward to. Fast forward 10 months later I’m still trying to work out what I did with my life this year. Although there’s so much really because In all honesty I’m still writing about it.

It really did zoom past- and everything felt systematic and ….. honestly I cant even think of the word. Are we getting complacent again? Is life really just burdening on me again? Was Covid just a dream? I can’t seem to figure it out.

Anyway lets save that for another Blog post.

We had booked in the Friends Fest in London just when Covid had started peaking, so we had something to look forward to- (blog post coming up on that!) but Hey we were going London and you guys know me well enough by now that once I’m in London- I’m unstoppable.

So the plan for today was: Brekky followed by a film at the Backyard Cinema, then some brunch/dinner and then the Friends Fest and then the long drive home. After this I will just need a week to recover from this trip.

This time we drove all the way into London. I’m not really a fan of this, but everything that we wanted to do was in one Location and also near Afsha’s home town, She did promise she would take over the driving if I get hesitant. So Off we went.

Our first Stop- Story Coffee.

If it says Story its my kinda place, if it says Coffee- Afsha’s definitely popping in. Best of both worlds with this one. We didn’t really have this place in our bucket list- but it was a choice between here and Starbucks. Although I love my Starbucks, We in London Baby! We need to do something a little different and this place looked decent- So Decent I had to do a blog Post for it.

There are 2 Story Coffees in London. We went to the one in Wandsworth

I would say it appealed to us from the outside, and it did not disappoint from the inside too. Inside the coffee shop was light and airy, so chic and minimal with its bare wooden table and potted plants and trees. The extremely tall ceilings open showing off the vents- which gave it an natural/industrial look.

Although it was aiming for the natural/ minimalistic look It also gave off a cosy ambience. Having said that ….. I was looking for the books? and I couldn’t seem to find any…..

So what’d we have? It was Early ‘O’ Clock I needed me some Tea. Afsha went for a Latte, The Boy went for Hot Chocolate and Capisu- went for……. Icecream? Listen right- no judging. What goes on in London, stays in London.

And at that point I fell in Love….. with the teacup of course! I don’t need to tell you guys how excited I was when I lifted up the cup!

We also ordered some French toast with house made brioche, lemon curd and cream, fresh berries and pure maple. The reality is when you have been to Christopher’s, you compare all french toast to Christopher’s! so I cannot say I loved this, but I can say it was good enough. I think I have to stop ordering the french toast- might make life a lot more tasty.

And the Stories? Well theirs definitely no books inside and that’s when I found out that the name ‘Story Coffee’ comes from the fact that the coffee itself has a story!! Duh!! and I thought I was going to be cosying up to a book whilst everyone ate.

“Each and every coffee is weighed precisely and follows a strict recipe to ensure consistency and quality. All our Estate Dairy milk is steamed to a precise temperature and textured to a set volume using the Uebermilk dispenser, meaning no variation in dilution….” and I ordered the Tea!! (*rolls eye* Taking a note for next time. Order Coffee at a Coffee place!)

Story Coffee are based in Wandsworth and St Johns Hill.

They also sell their famous coffee beans for you to take home.

For more on Story Coffee you will find them here

And now that our stomachs are full, time to move to the the Backyard Cinema. Stay Tuned folks.

Have you been to the Story Coffee? What did you like their? Have you been anywhere similer?

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Love and Regards


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