‘Sleepmatch’ by Dreams. Finding that Perfect Mattress….

The Hubby wanted a Bed….. I promise you he did….it was all his idea…… and since we were changing sizes from a Double Bed to a Super King- Yes Indeed! We jumped 2 places up ((clicks fingers) I mean why change otherwise?) we ended up spending our weekends looking for the perfect bed….. with the perfect mattress and so we decided to go to Dreams and try out their all new ‘Sleepmatching’ service

What is Sleepmatch?

Well its this super cool tech savvy service which chooses the right mattress for you and the way that you sleep…….and how does it do that? I hear you… Im coming to it…..

Sleepmatch by Dreams


‘The Sleep Experts’ will demonstrate how it works in a matter of 3 minutes, and its super cool and super fun (just go and check it out, even if your not buying a mattress- so much technicality involved in sleeping- its not just a matter of closing your eyes!)

You get to sleep in these designed beds and overhead you get to see a reflection of your ownself. As soon as you lie down, the mattress below you moves around adjusting to your body- it was quite theraupeutic to be honest. The ‘Sleep Expert’ (what a cool name!) will then ask you to turn according to how you would sleep in your normal bed and as we moved- so did the mattress- once again adjusting to our movement.

The Sleepmatch by Dreams

In a matter of 3 minutes, the ‘Sleep expert’ tells us what type of mattress we should be going for. Luckily for me and the hubby it was the same type- which is ‘medium-soft’. However if it is different Dreams will offer you a custom made mattress if needed. 

Sleepmatch at Dreams. ‘The Sleep expert’

Next up Bed Hopping….After this the ‘Sleep expert‘ (just imagining meeting this guy somewhere and asking him what he does, and he says I am a ‘Sleep expert‘. Is it cool? is it creepy? It works inside the store…… Outside? hmmm…..) took us to a couple of beds around the store that fit into the ‘Medium -soft’ range from different companies and we had a …… well…… a Lie about…. talked life, discussed family,  posted a few pics, as you do in a store where you are thinking of buying a mattress…..

Mattress hopping at Dreams

Well the moral is…. If you are looking for a mattress and dont have a clue…… go to Dreams– they got you covered. Its a field trip in buying a mattress. The Perfect Date ….. Almost.

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