Skincare is Selfcare. My Reasons Why….

skincare is selfcare

One thing I have learnt in Covid is Selfcare and the importance of it.

I am sure this is the same for a lot of us. Covid has affected us all in different ways. For some it has been positive, for others it has been negative. But generally it has showed us all that looking after yourself is the most important thing in getting through Covid and also Life’s other trials and tribulations.

The term Selfcare is cropping up everywhere and there is a sort of priority being placed on it at the moment. And rightly so. Although there are loads of ways of implementing Selfcare into your life. I myself am finding that Skincare seems to be number one on my ‘Selfcare’ list.

Is Skincare Selfcare?

We all have that natural routine where we do our skincare routine and makeup and then go about the day. But since Lockdown I have learnt to love Skincare more now that I have the time. I have learnt the different terminologies for what I need for my skin, and what will benefit me. And also trying products according to credibility, and not just because that’s what I have been doing my whole life…

When you take time out for skincare, its usually done alone. Therefore it gives you that 1:1 time to just detox and spend time with yourself.

It is also therapeutic. Their is something quite magical about adding oils, moisturisers, serums and lathering it all in. The smells, aromas and general soft feel can actually be a stress relieve.

Also you are focusing on yourself- so all other matters can be put at bay.

How Skincare and Selfcare are Related…

There is no disputing that having a great skincare routine ensures great skin. But also having great skin gives you the greatest confidence ever. We all know that when we think we look good, we over exert in confidence and having great skin can give you that.

The first thing a person see’s in you- is your face. And if you feel confident in your skin, that is reflected in your interaction with people.

skincare is selfcare

Think about a day in your life when you felt ugly. When your makeup wasn’t quite right. When you have had to run out without taking time to do your skincare routine. I mean everyone has gone through it at least once minimum. Think about how you felt that day- the interaction you had, were you self-conscious? were you shying away? did you avoid people? did you feel low?….. YUP. I see you nodding- we have all been there…..But that’s its, that in itself shows how Skincare and Selfcare are Attached.

Selfcare differs from One person to Another…

In terms of skincare whilst one person may use 10 items, the other will use one or two, But regardless of that, it is about taking that time out to cleanse your face, or just put a mask on and relax in a tub. Just do you. The point is that you let it be a time to focus on yourself, to de-stress, to focus your attention on something other than the list of priorities for the day.

The good thing about skincare is that it can suit all budgets, you don’t have to splurge into the ‘most’ expensive skincare item to feel good. For me My Aldi Lacura Midnight Power Cream is the ultimate relaxation. Read about it here.

Also a good cleanse- its like washing your day away. (Is it strange that the more dirtier my cleansing pad the more better I feel?….. Is it just me? I hope not.)

So in essence there are many ways in how Skincare is Selfcare. Whether it be just for beautification reasons, confidence, or taking that time out to just be with yourself and concentrate on the thing that matters most. YOU.

Love and Regards


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