Sketch London Afternoon Tea in the Pink Room


Now that we are feeling a bit more secure and adjusting to the ‘New’ normal- I have got to start getting back to ticking off my bucket list…… My Never ending bucket list….. 2020 has really left it hanging….. never seen such a dry diary……

We had booked and planned this trip in March, and then it was cancelled due to the Lock down…. and I have been awaiting it ever since….. and finally after a bit of persuasion ‘The Golden Girls’ (minus one) agreed and we got the courage to get ourselves booked in for the Sketch London afternoon tea.

On the Hit list sat ‘Sketch London Afternoon Tea ‘very different from the usual traditional afternoon tea places, this quirky and chic- bursting with total Pinkness was calling us since March. I even dressed in Pink for the occasion!

Sketch is Located in Soho, and being tube loving chicks that we are- we jumped out off Oxford Circus Tube and walked it down. In all honesty because we were looking for ‘I dont know what’– we walked right past the place without noticing. I think I expected glamour and pink fluffy things just there and then…..but instead we got this.

But nothing to loose hope over….. ‘Never judge a book by its Cover’ never fit so much better before. On entrance we were given the standard temperature checks for Covid and then we were ready to be blown away…..and blow away we did…..

On entrance we entered a large hallway and accepted by staff in quirky uniform, with quirky paintings and straight away we were intrigued and ready to be fed more…

The Gallery is where the Sketch London Afternoon Tea takes place, once the curtain is drawn you are in Pink heaven, completely adorned with pink walls, pink seatings, pink absolutely everywhere…..

even our waitor/Caviar Man came in Pink……

After gulping and seeing and breathing in everything Pink, oh and taking way too many photos of the same things, we finally had a look at the Sketch London Afternoon tea menu…… because for a second we had forgotten what we were here for….Afternoon tea of course….

We had the Tea Expert- and she recommended something light initially and then to move on to the stronger flavours….. we went with that….. Spring White Tea from Nepal……”From the Himalayans Springs first flush, the silvery buds and tippy leaves produce a delicate tea with honey notes…….”

I’m not so sure if that was the right choice to be fair, it felt a little like hot water with a drop of honey ….. literally a drop…. you could just slightly taste it….. OOopsie….. (*rolls eye*) Maybe we needed the stronger teas, but hey tea was on call so its not too bad- stronger cup for the next one for sure…..

Food wise we had to go for the vegetarian option (halal issues *rolls eyes* story of our lives) and what did we get…….Initially we got this:

Cauliflower Caviar *Eggs and Soldiers*- I was really impressed with this, the whole look, the presentation, I loved it….. The taste…… OOopsie….

Next up we got the tiered stand…. For the vegetarian option we got the following:

So how was it……. the WORST Afternoon Tea ever…. honestly I have had my fair share of bad afternoon teas, but this was not even edible….I had hopes for the Vanilla and Strawberry Battenburg….. could not be more dissapointed. It was dry and Hard.

….. this was then followed by Scones and we had 2 types of Jam and clotted Cream. At this point we really were hungry, and how can you go wrong with Scones? ….. well let me put it this way… You Can, once again the scone was hard and not even warm….. to be fair the jam was decent….. ((*rolls eye*) a serious amount of rolling eyes going on today)

Just for your information Top ups and Seconds are all at hand… the amount you have paid includes unlimited amount of food- so that’s a positive (if you like the food that is *rolls eye*)

But one thing that is unmissable….. the Toilets….. Yup I said that…. The Toilets! Make time out for this!! Is it the most unique toilets you will ever see! Each toilet is inside one of these shells……We even did a photo shoot in here!…. starting at the staircase- before we even got up to the toilets ….. Chill….. so did everyone else!….

…and more photos to follow once there.

For that perfect Instagram “Ive been to Sketch” Photo. We spent so much time in here, we had to take our Rhubarb and Raspberry cake home because we had over run our table time.

Afternoon Tea at Sketch is £59.00 per person with a 12.5% service charge, so it is in the dearer end for Afternoon Tea. Do I regret it? Yes and No- Yes because its a total waste of money because we did not eat much and we were hungry straight after, and No because the venue was so unique all the way down to the waiters and their quirky outfits, to the dishes to the presentation of the food and the toilets! I cant fault the service either, everyone was helpful and polite……. It is a unique experience to the eye, to the instagrammer, to the blogger this is the place to be. I would probably say that this is the most ‘Unique’ Afternoon tea experience ever….. but…. you just need to look for food straight after.

To book yourselves in here is the link

…..and that’s a bye from ‘The Golden Girls’ (minus one) for now..

Next up…. What else we got up to whilst we were in London…..

Love and Regards


Transparency: All Opinions are based on my own experience of the place. This may not be the same for all people.

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