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‘Tis the season to be jolly… Fa la la la lah, la la la la.” Also tis the season for secret santa! (Is that to many la’s in fa la la la lah, la la la la? Above?)

Office, retail, workshop, wherever you work, Christmas is the best time to work (if you haven’t got annual leave that is)

The festive spirit is everywhere. I don’t even celebrate Christmas but it’s the best time of the year to be at work. The mood is much different, don’t you think?

We do a secret santa every year at the office, and I get excited about it before it even reaches December.

Here’s a few under £10 gift ideas for every personality in the office :

The Tea Drinker

A personalised mug, maybe with their own name, a message or a picture. Starting at £5 this will be a proper treat for the tea drinker. Also you know they won’t be taking your mug anymore! Find some great ones here

The Boss

Being a fan of all things personalised I would have to go for a personalised pen. Once again has some great pens with cases personalised. And you can find them from as little as £8.99.

Mr Muscles

These chocolate dumbells from are just the cutest. Everyone needs a little treat – especially in Christmas. At £8.00, Mr Muscle will be flexing those biceps – (Maybe after Christmas.)

The Office Pervert

Isn’t Secret Santa just made for this person? The options are endless, and funny. Depending on how much you want to insult the person… Choose wisely, it could end up terribly wrong.

Here’s a few ideas

The F*You mug, at £7.99 from

The Ultimate Quickie Bell. £3.99 from

There’s more far worse (but better ) gifts for a perv. But I really can’t put them on here. Dying of embarrassment. And my brother reads these blogs. So…. Staying….Away….. Do google away though.

The Cold One

There’s always one who’s always cold, even at 50 degrees, they can feel the air (oooops. That’s me). So here’s what the cold one (aka me) would love.

Found at for £7.99

The Geek

Me again. Hehe. Depending on what kind of geek they are…. There’s a bookmark for them all. £10.00 for this copper beauty (adding to shopping basket now)

For the insect geek these are so cool for £7.95

Techy geeks- this one’s for them how cool are these at £6.95

Keep searching guys. There’s a book mark for everyone.

Selfie King/ Queen

Whatever you get this person, just don’t forget this wrapping paper. They will be thrilled

Found at

Mrs “I woke up like this”

There’s always that one person who comes into work dressed to the nines, looking flawless and glamorous. How do they do it????? Share the secret please?

So what to get someone who’s always prim and proper, and organised and with it? Heres a few suggestion have some fabulous Ted Baker gift sets at fabulous prices, (both under £10)

Ted Baker. lip and tips set.

Now I’ve just got to wait for who I get. Hope you guys got some good ideas from here. And do share any characters I’ve missed from the office!

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