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Being a Baker my home is always smelling of cake, the fresh kinda smell you get when you walk into a bakery…. We as a family absolutely Detest it.

In all fairness I am immune to it, because I live in it. But when I come back to my house after couple of hours away- I can really smell it, and it goes straight to my head, and makes me feel sick, like physically, migrainy sick.

You would think that I would like it- everyone loves the fresh bakery smell, because it feels like homely and warm, but seriously it gives me a lump in my throat- and for this reason, a nice smelling home is evan more important to me, to get rid of the bakery smell.

So here are a few of my favourite fragrances and smells :

IKEA – Blackberry scented.

I love everything IKEA, and anyone who knows me and has seen my home- will know I love IKEA, and so the candles are a must for me. I don’t think I have ever been in ikea without walking out with at least 12 candles. A really bad habit, as sometimes it’s not needed, but it’s also not an trip without candles. The candles are soft in smells and really affordable. The small ones being £1 each and gives roughly 20 hours of burning time, they come in numerous scents including sweet vanilla, peaches and orange, red berries, apple and pear… Etc. I don’t have a particular scent that I go for. I genuinely love them all

Yankee Candles

During our yearly trip to Bicester Designer Village, there was a sale on at Yankee candle, I picked up a few flavoured candles and a few incense sticks with oils. I don’t think there are many people who would say they don’t like Yankee Candles. They leave a nice soft scent. this particuler one leaves a nice lemony scent. At £9.99 (in the sale) for the jar- it gives upto 90 hours of burning time, My favourite has to be the car freshner though. They plug into your air vents and the smell roams around the car. At one point I used the ‘Fresh laundry’ car freshner, and my car smelt awesome. Like sheets drying on a hot summers day. The smell you have of fabric conditioner like comfort and Lenor. It felt clean. I could live in this scent but the men in my life disagreed.

Primark- love this one.

Whilst in the queue in Primark, I spotted the above candle. Normally at £4, it was next to the till at £1 each. Feeling abit dubious I only picked up the one. I thought it’d be perfect for the bathroom-so cheap and cheerful, and looks preety in the jar. The pink lemonade one is lush, it smells soooo good, and the smell lingers on for hours afterwards. I never really thought it would do that. Definitely a bargain, and over and above worth the money. I’ll definitely be popping in for more.

What a Beauty

There’s something about Jo Malone candles, they are so damn beautiful. And I’m talking about the packaging not the scent. Really. You don’t need potted plants or ornaments, a Jo Malone candle does the job. When it comes to the fragrance also, they cover a wide range of fragrances- from soft fragrances to ouds – It’s actually quite mind blogging. Although the oud ones are the most popular- I’m not into that quite as much, I find oud smells sometime go straight to the head and find them too strong. Almost leaves an aftertaste (can candles do this?). The one ive got at the moment is Peony and Blush Suede, it has a really nice soft smell and it does clear the house of other smells. In terms of price it is damn dear, at £48 with a burn time of 50 hours, The amount I burn candles, Id be broke and homeless real soon, but having said that one as a showpiece on my mantel is just perfect.

My favourite scent at the moment

Whilst out shopping for uniform for my 13 year old at Marks and Spencers I stumbled across these, and now I have a favourite scent. At the moment this is what you will smell in my house, and it is beautiful, soft yet strong, sweet smelling and textured. The smell comes out instantly and lingers for hours afterwards. I loved it so much I went back in the next day, picked up more and also picked up the room fragrances too. Its a really large candle at £5 each with a burn time of 75 hours. Affordable and keeps my home smelling beautiful and soft

Hope you all enjoyed the smells and scents in my life, please be sure to tell me what your favourite are.

Love and regards


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