Rumps n Ribs Manchester. Ribs that fall off the Bone


Did I tell you about our trip to Manchester? Did I? I may have mentioned it on Insta but think I went through a fuduzzle in my life and missed it out here and now I’m going through the pics thinking Sheesh kebabs I’ve forgotten to post this.

Well Anyhoo, here we are. I went to Manchester!

We decided we needed some time out so we went for a trip to Manchester-.I remember when making the booking I specifically asked for a hotel with a pool, as all I wanted to do was to soak myself into a pool.

Did that happen? Well the booking of the hotel with the pool did. The soaking not so much (*sad face*).

Covid has really taken everything to the extreme, I’m sure Boris has said that its gone now? but the hotel we went to said pool access is on bookings only- and the first available date for booking is when we go home tomorrow evening? Like what the sheesh kebabs? If I knew that we wouldn’t have gone for the hotel with the pool.

So I’m not saying which hotel as that’s not fair on them, we did do our usual nonsense of booking before we leave, but there is a lesson to be learnt.

NOTE TO SELF: When booking hotels ask about Covid pool restrictions

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Rumps n Ribs Manchester

Getting back to Manchester, for dinner we went to Rumps N Ribs Manchester as recommended by a dear friend. Her recommendations are always good, so we knew we were not going to be too disappointed.

Its pretty much how I would expect a ‘steak house’ to look like, the exposed wall brings about a ‘masculinity’ that’s associated with Rumps and ribs, and the orange bright text bring in a little warmth. The deep wooden textured tables, and deep but straight chairs. Yes my boys felt right at place.

We had a booking for 7.00, but turned up an hour early (you know couldn’t use the pool and that) but they accommodated us with a 10 minute wait only. Kudos to that

For drinks obviously we know by now that the virgin mojito is mine- the boys are a tad boring and stick to the normal. Although I think its fair to say that virgin mojito for me is now the ‘normal’

What did we have?

We decided to go for the combo platter which comes with a selection of ribs, chicken wings, prawns and rocket salad.

This dish was purely for me and the kiddo- because we love our prawns, It was the perfect start and I loved the prawns which sat on a piece of bread covered with caramelised onions. The ribs and the chicken were devoured too.

This place is known for its mouth-watering ribs, so we had to order it. I mean obviously.

How were they? Meltingly delicious! the meat was literally falling apart when we lifted the bone, and it was soft and fluffy to eat, and so light too.

We also went for a T-bone steak and Rib eye steak

Both of which were recommended by the chef. When it comes to steak- I know its supposed to be pink- and I don’t mind a little pink- but usually we do medium- Well done. Pinkiness just doesn’t sit right with me.

Both steak’s were so juicy regardless of how well done it was, and oh so tender. The boys had a little mission with the fat of the rib-eye but for me it was perfection.

The Verdict

Altogether this was a meal that satisfied our whole trip to Manchester, even though I didn’t get the dip in the pool (I’m struggling to get over this! Can you tell?)

Would I go again?- oh definitely, and although I loved everything I think ill be having a plate or two of the ribs all to myself on my next visit. Since that day we have not yet met a match in ribs in any other place.

Have you been to Rumps n Ribs Manchester? How did you find it?

Any other suggestions to eatery’s in Manchester for my next trip?

NOTE: Rumps n Ribs Manchester is Halal and does not serve Alcohol.

Click here for Rumps n Ribs official Website

Click here for Rumps n Ribs Instagram Page

Love and regards


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