Rixos Bab al Bahr- Ras Al Khaimah. All Inclusive Family Resort


Our family resort holiday was pending for just over 2 years. Covid stopped us on 3 different occasion’s, and 2 years later we finally got here.

Rixos Bab al Bahr- Ras Al Khaimah

The hubby had been talking about Ras al khaimah for a while now. Sometimes I allow him to tick off things from his bucket list. Just sometimes mind you (Big Wink)

Known for its beaches and resorts, Ras al khaimah is in the UAE. Not quite as Popular as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, yet apparently Ras- Al- Khaimah is the next upcoming place. So naturally Hubby had to get on to it.

Rixos Bab al Bahr is in Ras al Khaimah and sits on the Marjan Islands with private access to the beaches.

The building itself is so uniquely different, in the shape of pyramids- its hard to not notice it from afar. Yet that is just the beginning of the journey.

On entrance to the hotel we have the extremely large reception area. Large reception areas always give me joy. Checking in was very pleasant and informative, with staff willing to please and help at all times.

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Our Room

Right this is where it starts to fall. We were given a 2 bedroom suite as I had the kiddos with us. The rooms were big and spacious no doubt, yet it didn’t quite have that 5 star standard I expect. The rooms felt worn, old, and outdated.

We also had a little trouble with the cleaners as they weren’t as through as I expected them to be. On occasions I felt as though I was doing the job for them. This was then cleared up by the hubby who literally went around the whole room with the cleaner and advised him of the minimum we expected.

I’m not in any way being spoilt or fussy here guys, its simple request like making sure the shower gel is there. Or taking out the bins. Or just replacing the dirty towels.

These are the basics you would expect in a 5 star hotel. No?

We were apparently given a sea view room, Urm… but we were craning our necks to get a view of the sea. The pool was in full view though, and so was the sounds of all the guests using the pool. As long as your okay with the yoga instructor shouting out instructions’ at 10am.

This was my alarm clock. Daily.

The same grievance’s were met by other guests too. This this wasn’t just exclusive to us, or our room.

Rixos Bab al Bahr

I don’t know whether it has been a long time since I have last been to a all inclusive resort type hotel, but I found the hotel to be so busy. With 3 different pools, a separate kids pool and a separate infinity pool in a adults only area, their really is no shortness of swimming areas. But being the summer holidays it was full of children, and families everywhere. Am I getting a little old for this?

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For the Kiddos

Their is a Kids club which runs from 9am to 7pm for children up to the age of 17 ( though I don’t know what 17 year old would do? My 16 year looked at me in horror when I suggested it) with baby sitting services also available charging by the hour.

The hotel is very child friendly for the younger children.

We struggled once again. My kiddos being 16 and 19 we were in that bracket where we were sometimes lost. Only so much we could just look at each other, right? Thank God we had a pack of cards with us.

Boys will be Boys

My boys ( all 3 of them *wink*) are sports addicts, and there was no where in the whole hotel to watch a little football. Their is a sports bar- which allows 21 and over in, so we couldn’t go in. No other screens showed football or any other sports, and the worst part the tv’s in our room didn’t have it on either.

We spent our days trying to find wi-fi friendly areas so that my little ( and big) men could catch up with the sports.

Another downfall for sure.


Good food always make’s a holiday. I must admit that this is one thing that kept us going. The food served at the Rixos Bab al Bahr was absolutely spot on. The variety was immense and catered for us all.

The Hubby lived off the naans and karhai’s, the eldest had his burgers and steaks, the youngest loved his chicken, and varying chicken dishes, and me…. I lived off the prawn salads and pasta! ! None of us went hungry at all.


The only downer I found with the food is that their was only one main hall in which the food is served, their was no poolside food offered or available, no snacks, or anywhere else to go. This no doubt got a little boring after a while.

A la carte restaurants were available and we were told to book this in with concierge- who advised us to book at reception. Who advised us to book at the restaurant. Who advised us to book at concierge…..

…….so we ended up going outside the resort to find a McDonalds instead for the days we wanted something a little different……

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The Beach

Although we couldn’t see it from our room, The beach was literally a arms length away, and I loved that. It was beautiful and clean. A little piece of heaven in earth. And the water couldn’t get any more clearer. Pure Bliss.


Entertainment is available however very minimal. Water yoga once a day, volleyball on the beach and every night their is entertainment, but its not ongoing- most of the time you are left alone.

Although for me it was absolute bliss. I read my books in peace. It would be nice for more activities for the kiddos like sports activities. There’s only so much the elder kids can swim around for, and keep in mind….no where to watch the footie/sports either.

My Honest Verdict

Right. You may have seen a few negatives on here, and I’m in no way changing that. This was my experience with my elder children. I think for younger children this hotel would be a dream, its a fully functional family resort and it seems that a lot of attention does go on to the younger children.

Room wise- Very large spacious rooms, but very worn and dated, loads of nooks and crannies, that I really wanted my builder to come in and fix. I mean when showers have the old head fixation, you know just how dated the place is.

Although with the rooms we had trouble with the cleaning- the rest of the hotel was immaculate, and always kept tip-top. Any spillages were cleaned up on the spot.

Food- Perfect. I cant fault the food. But please bring in some poolside food! Its horrible going into a large dining area with wet clothes, and air conditioning that freezes every hair on your body.

A conversation with a friend who I bumped into at the Rixos Bab al Bahr made us think maybe our days of resort holidays have now come to an end with the kids being older. Maybe we have overdone them? Maybe we need to be moving on?On a few occasions we found ourselves jumping into a taxi to run off to Dubai.

The question comes down to would I come again? And the reality is no. I wouldn’t come again, but then I feel that way about Ras al khaimah in general too. So I don’t know whether it is the hotel or Ras al Khaimah as a whole that I am put off with.

Maybe in another 10 years when its more developed?

Have you been Ras al Khaimah and Rixos? How was your experience?

Love and regards


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