Revolution Eyebrow Palette- Product Pick of the Month.

revolution eyebrow palette

I was contemplating whether to start this up again or not, because to be honest skincare has been the very last thing I’ve been doing this year so far. Actually I think its been more of a once a month thing- if my face is dying of dehydration and I look 20 years older. Then I get my ‘kit out’. (I’m talking about skincare and make up products YO! Don’t get too excited!)

So because I’ve not been trying or experimenting, or anything much really, I was not really thinking of starting up the Product Pick of the Month- just yet, until I got back into the swing of things.

But then I ordered my Revolution Eye brow Palette thingi-mijig, and Ding Dong ! I’ve just got my product of the month.

Why the Revolution Eyebrow Palette?

Well that’s easy . You guys already know I’ve been growing my eyebrows out since last December- (Thank God! because I really wouldn’t have had the time or the mental capacity to be tweaking them weekly!). But its been horrendous to say the least.

What is up with eyebrow’s? They don’t grow when you want them too!

And so to keep everything in place, I’ve been using the revolution eyebrow Palette. I literally buy this every few months, even though its not finished because I like the feel of a new one (I know, its awful, and its bad, and I should finish it. But seriously a new one out of the pack feels like a day in heaven.)

The packaging and the products inside have changed a few times- but it has the basics of what I want in it and at £8 its really not going to break the bank (which is probably why I buy it so often)

So now I know I’m meant to do some sort of Demonstration. Ill try my best, I ain’t no Mua- but I like to look good- so that’s enough right?

I Buy the Medium to Dark one as that goes with the colour of my Eyebrows. Since Last December I decided to Grow out my eyebrows, Lock down helped because it allowed me to go through the ugly stage whilst at home. The actual reality is- I’m still at the ugly stage and I’m not so sure if it ever goes away.

Both my eyebrows have grown in different directions, they are different in shape and they both have this permanent area where it just doesn’t want to grow anymore! What is that about anyway?

So I needed Help and after trying what seems like everything I found the right product in the Revolution Eyebrow Palette- which was the one thing I didn’t actually buy myself but received it as a gift as part of a set from an aunt.

Right Firstly lets take a look at the Product itself:

Its a 9 Piece Palette, which includes Powders in light and dark shades, gels to hold the shape, highlighters to shape and define the eyebrows, Eye pencil to fill in as desired and then tweezers and brushes to help with all the products and not to forget the mirror! Everything you need for the eyebrows in one neat package.

What More could you ask for? Well honestly the only thing more I can ask for is for the Eyebrows to grow- but that’s not happening- and that’s why we have this.

Ok so time to be honest- the tweezers are s***, and the brushes are to small- although I still keep them as they come in handy for my weekend trips.

I use the lighter shades at both edges of the eyebrow and the darker one in the middle just to fill in any gaps where the Eyebrow has refused to grow, I use the gels in the same way to hold it in shape once I’m happy with the shape.

At one point I didn’t understand the point of the enhancing cream and highlighter but now I’m a sucker for it- it defines the eyebrows so well and gives it that clean straight finish.

and here’s one side done. See the difference? Oh yes! Now time to pray…. I really struggle getting the other side to look the same.

Let me know if you’ve used this product before and how you’ve got on with it? Or what is your favourite brow product to use? I’m always on the hunt to try out something new! Anything to make the Eyebrows look better.

you can buy the Revolution Ultra Brow Palette just here

Enjoyed this review? Heres another one of my Product Picks of the Month.

Love and Regards


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