Remove these 5 things from your Wardrobe Now


I’ve got to admit that I’m not so much of a hoarder or an impulse buyer as I was before, but hell yea every time I open my wardrobe, I have no clothes, even though its packed full and bits and pieces are falling out.

You all know that feeling don’t you?

A cluttered wardrobe can actually be an eye sore at times, especially if not organised well. Some things get left behind at the back, never to be seen again, and others are on repeat every other day, hence the feeling of having no clothes.

Warmer days are coming up and its time to put away the winter coats, and the chunky cardigans, and bring out the spring attire. Trousers, pretty shirts, open toe mules, and whilst you are digging around check if you need to add anything to the wardrobe. Its the best time.

So are you ready to get rid of these 5 things from your wardrobe? Don’t worry I’ll guide you along the way.

Clothing that’s too Small or too Big

I have a motto- if you have not worn it in the last 4 months its got to go.

If you feel that you are holding on to a piece of item with the hope that it will fit one day, it’s better for you to get rid of it, it doesn’t need to be in your wardrobe taking up space.

The same rule should apply to people around you, if the people around you don’t contribute to your strength or growth and no longer validate you…. They have got to go. You do not need to change yourself, you do not need to ‘fit’ in.

Let it go and Let them go. Remove it.

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The Abandoned dress at the back of your Wardrobe

Do you have a item that you just cant let go off? I do my Karen Millen black trousers with the diamonte threading which I bought over 10 years ago. I kept it thinking that one day, one day, just one day I will wear it. I’ve finally let it go.

That’s the same for people, if you are constantly having to wait for people to acknowledge you, or make you feel worthy, or you feel the need to change yourself and feel that you have to be or act a certain way in front of some people, you don’t need that in your life. Remove them.

Love yourself the way you are, hug those changes in your body and mind, and be comfortable in the skin you are in.

The Dress with the ripped Zipper

As women we have a natural tendency to want to fix. I have a pair of jeans which are a size 6 and I have put on weight- this created a slight rip on the fraying edge of the jeans (modest dresser here- so cannot have skin showing). Being my favourite I want to do something to seal up that gap. The reality is- its been 6 months and I’m still thinking about it.

That’s exactly the same for trying to fix damaged people on your life. If you are around damaged people and you feel the need to ‘fix’ them. Yes I’m talking to you! You know exactly what I’m talking about! Sometimes its better to let them go! Remove them from your life.

Most of the time they know what they are doing wrong and they don’t want to be fixed and you will loose yourself in the process.

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All the Gifts you will never Wear

This ones tricky right? because their are memories involved, sweet memories of when you received the gift and who gave it to you.

But you don’t wear it, it is taking up space. Do you really need to keep it? Remove it.

If a memory is sweet, you don’t need something to hold on to. That’s the same for people, you cant hold on to the sweet memories you once shared if they are no longer serving you.

If you have outgrown a person, don’t keep the memories alive whilst draining yourself in the process. People grow, some grow together, some grow apart.

Not your style

It may be the latest piece, it may look stunning on Gigi Hadid, but really it’s not your style nor does it reflect your personality. You don’t need it. Leave it out. You don’t need to fit in, you are perfect the way you are.

Same with people, just because she/he is everyone else’s cup of tea, doesn’t mean they have to be yours too. If you don’t like them, you don’t link with them, some of the things they say don’t align with you, Don’t be a people pleaser. Just stay away from them. Remove them.

Here is the harsh reality of life ‘You don’t need more- you need less’ and that applies to clothes and who you spend your time with.

So will you be removing these 5 things from your wardrobe? I’ve already started and I’m finding a new ‘Me’ in the process. A new ‘ME’ full of love, acceptance, giving, and a low tolerance to bull*sheesh* kebabs.

As Monica in Friends wisely said…. “Welcome to the real world, its sucks, Your gonna love it!”

Love and regards


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