Red Edit New Beauty Box. I had to get my hands on it.


You guys know by now I’ve always got my eyes on any new Beauty boxes that come out- but my favourite have to be the Hearst boxes and the Red Edit Beauty box. But by now I have realised that wait it out- they always go up and down in price.

And so on Black friday when the Red Edit new beauty box went down- guess who picked it up! Doh!

From all the boxes Hearst offered this year- this had to be my favourite.

With 16 coveted products from skincare, to haircare and make-up, its got the best of all the combinations.

So we having a look inside? Of course we are.

Lets do it:

Click here: Red Edit Beauty Box 2020

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

One product I always look for in every beauty box is the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream. I absolutely love it, and I’ve never really had to purchase one full price because my beauty boxes keep me going. Its so light and hydrating, and such a distinct scent. I love using this as it makes me feel a little special.

Rodial- Glamolash Deluxe XXL Mascara – Black

Bust what good is a beauty box if it doesn’t have a mascara inside? Did I mention this is a full sized mascara? and if its by Rodial– we already know its a keeper. With Carnauba Wax it ensures even application without any chance of clumping. (Something I really need to sort out)

Balance Me- Hyaluronic Plumping Mist

You guys know my favourite word in skincare right? I’m not asking or explaining myself. If it says Hyaluronic I must have it, and in mist form! This is going straight into my bag. Can be applied on top of makeup to boost complexion. Urm Yes Please.

Sisley- Express Flower Gel

By Sisley. EEEEEEEEkkkkkk! Excitement overload. Ive received a few face masks by Sisley in various Beauty boxes but this one is a first. The Express Flower Gel face mask claims to tone, brighten and hydrate lacklustre skin in three minutes. Three minutes guys! And with the dry and cold weather at the moment I’m thinking this is soon going to be a favourite of mine.

Eyeko- Skinny Liquid Eyeliner – Black

I usually get asked if I’m feeling well when I don’t have Eyeliner on. I think its my staple look. Whether I wear makeup or not, the eyebrows and the eyeliner have to be on. And so if your giving me a Eyeliner. Yes please ill take it with 2 hands.

Nails Inc- Gel Effect Nail Polish in Covent Garden Place,

This one really Isn’t for me, I bite my nails, and nailcare is the least of anything I do in selfcare. I do need to spend a little more time on this. But its always nice to receive a nail varnish and this one is a hot shiny pink! Can’t really go wrong with that can we?

Bobbi Brown- Vitamin E enriched Face Base

Ive talked about this before guys- its actually in my Product pick of the month, so clearly a favourite for me.

Click here: Review: Bobbi Brown Vitamin E enriched Face base

Bellapierre Brown Eyed Girl Palette

I absolutely loved the size of this. Not been too much of a makeup fan i get overwhelmed with the bigger palettes. This palette is perfect to pop onto the purse and it has the 4 most neautral shades, that will literally go with any outfit.

Earthkind- Bergamot & Sage Shampoo Bar for Dry & Coloured Hair

Ive never received a Shampoo bar in a beauty box before so im kinda excited for this. I don’t remember the last time i used one to be honest (*hides face*) gels and shower washes have made life so much more easier. But this feels exciting now, a bit nostalgic even. I’ve recently coloured my hair grey so im looking forward to giving this a try.

Earthkind- Organic Oats Conditioning Bar

What good is shampoo without conditioner? So this was quite handy to receive too. That’s the washing hair fully catered for.

Miracle Leave-In conditioning Hair Spritz

Made by ‘ITs a 10 Haircare‘ this product promises to shine, detangle, get your hair frizz under control, prevent split ends and breakages. Ensures silkiness, full healthy natural body of hair. I mean with that much praise, I have to give this a go.

And that’s the hair fully catered for in this box.

Ren- Clean Screen Mineral SPF30

Ive already told you guys how since Covid my face has been experiencing severe dryness, and ive started using Cetaphil spf 50 to get rid of it. But since then i have been told that spf 50 is only good as a temporary fix for our skin especially in the Uk, as Spf 50 actually affects Vitamin D in the body (Did you know that?! I didnt) So now that my dry skin and especially eye lids are sorted, i have been adviced to use a lowere spf, and having this sample will be ideal to see if this is the product i take on going forward.

Lumene Nordic Ageless [Ajaton] Radiant Youth Pressed Serum

Ive never used Lumene before and im a tad excited because i have heard alot about this. and the bottle is so pretty. Finnish skincare is really hitting the markets at the moments, and theres a sense of cool and airy everytime i hear the word ‘Nordic’. Cant wait to give this a try.

Shiseido Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream

Whoo Hoo- Look at the word son that ‘Shiseido’, ‘Anti-ageing’ ‘Uplifting’. ‘Firming’. Everything that i currently need. Shiseido is very high and expensive in the market- but everyone seems to rave that with continuous use it makes the best of changes. Im not in a position to yet afford it, but damn! im excited for this.

E-Cooking Night cream.

My best part of teh day, night when i get to lather my skin in a night cream before i catch up on my beauty sleep. So this is just delightful!

Iris Goddess Eau de Parfum or Floral Street Chypre Sublime Eau de Parfum

Who says no to perfume? Not me? And its a Floral street perfume so definitely not saying no to this.

I bought this box in the Black Friday sale for £30, however it has since then increased.

16 products all inside one box, the box is currently on sale for £48. Find it here. Normal price is £60, with products value being £305. Do get your hands on it before it goes back up in price.

Love and regards


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