Ragdale Hall Spa- Heaven on Earth


Oops I did it again!

No no it wasn’t me. I kissed my boys goodbye. Sat in the car and was chauffered to quite possibly my favourite spa in the whole wide world. Ragdale Hall Spa

He had booked me in for the Twilight taster which runs from 4-9. This gives full access to the spa, a half hour treatment and a 2 course meal.

Ragdale hall is located in Leicestershire. It sits in a middle of a countryside and just the drive in with the cascading trees takes you to a home away from home.

I have this issue guys, and I do it all the time. I’ve been here a dozen times at least but every time I go I pretend its my first time. Why? Because well I just like the little tour they take us on. It just makes the whole experience more magical.

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One thing I must say about Ragdale hall is the staff are always so welcoming and warm, this makes such a difference to every experience, and Ragdale hall staff seem to be happy in the environment they are in

The day starts with tea. Obviously guys! but what is life without tea?

We caught up with the last of our text messages, emailing and phone calls, switched off our phones. (No. that’s a lie- I need my phone for photos!) .

Tea was served in the Garden room, and what a delightful little room it is. The decor was warm and comfortable. We already felt our body going to a little slump ready to just hibernate our daily life for a couple of hours.

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And now to hit the Spa.

Dressing robes, towels and slippers awaited our arrival in the changing rooms.

Once we were changed, snug and ready, time to get a little taste of heaven.

The Hubby had already started his laps in the pool whilst I was getting changed, but me, for me its all about the Thermal Spa.

The Thermal Spa

This is where I step into heaven. Rocks, plants, greenery, streams, blue water. I told you its a little taste of heaven.

Starting the day off in the right way means throwing a pebble into a stream and making a little wish. I’m not really into all that, but if it gets rid of negative energy, I am in.

The Thermal spa has 12 experiences, with hot and cold settings. You guys already know this, I avoided the cold ones like the plague- or should I say coronavirus now, because it seems more fitting?

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Is it just standard that we go in and out of the rooms in a set way? Always. Without fail, we seem to follow a sort of track around the thermal spa area.

Rooms include Volcanic Salt bath, Colourflow cave, Rose scented room, and candle lit floatation room aswell as more.

We went in each and every one, and lastly and my most favourite has to be the outdoor pool.

Starting from inside the building, you walk down and into the outdoor pool which is consistent of the whole rain forest theme along with calming and soothing sounds of the waterfalls

Different sections of the pool offer relaxing jets and waterfall back massages which both me and the hubby enjoyed.

Our last 40 minutes of the day was spent in my most favourite spot…..

The Rooftop Infinity Pool

With views of the most beautiful greenery Ragdale hall spa offers, this is one of the main reasons I could come back here over and over.

Set at 35 degrees, its just perfect whatever the weather. The pool also has reclining underwater seats and massage jets which switch on and off every 10 minutes. Whilst I hung onto the edge and watched the green fields below me, the hubby chose a seat and allowed his body to be engulfed by the jets.

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…Now it was time for treatments

This was new to me , I have been to Ragdale hall spa numerous times but never had a treatment, so I was looking forward to this, (Thank you to the Hubby!) The treatment area blew me away, its like a warm cosy clinic, we were told to sit down and await our names.

The treatment area is completely separate to the spa area, so I have never even been to this part of Ragdale hall.

Did you know that Ragdale hall spa has more than 40 treatment rooms? and then they have manicure stations and pedicure stations, and hairdressers and….. and …. and just about everything.

it was mesmerising just seeing how it all worked. They have pretty much got this spot on.

I was booked in for the Lavender back treatment, and I have no words. If there was any tension even an inkling of it left in my body. It was now gone.

Dinner at Ragdale Hall Spa

The end of the day means time for dinner and a two course meal awaited us.

Ragdale hall does NOT have Halal meals, but they do offer vegetarian and vegan meals, we took both menus. The menu for vegetarian is quite large considering spa’s we have been to previously, however one thing that I noticed is that they no longer offer fish and chips and the Eton mess for desserts.

This was our usual order and something we always looked forward to.

Nevertheless they had a variety of options in the veg and vegan menu. Initially We were offered some warm bread and a butternut squash dip as appetisers. It was a nice start to the day

For mains I went for the Pasta and the hubby went for the Spanish Omelette, both of which were devoured.

And we gave the desserts a miss and decided to stop at a Chaiiwala for tea when getting home. Some things don’t change do they?

Iv’e said this before and I’ll say it again. Ragdale definitely is one of my favourite spa places, and it still continues to be so. Its an absolutely magical experience and I would recommend to any of you in an instant.

Twilight Taster package at Ragdale hall runs from 4.30 to 9.30, it includes a 40 minute treatment and a two course evening meal. Its £104 per person from Monday- Thursday and £122 per person Friday- Sunday

To book the Twilight Taster package at Ragdale hall click here

Have you been to Ragdale hall? How did you find it?

What is your favourite spa?

Love and regards


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