Productive Week: How to Set Yourself Up- My Tips.

Daily Planner by Matilda Myers

In all fairness I don’t think I am the best person for this…. I really am not.

I live off adrenaline, panic, overwork myself, get anxiety, forget everything and then get Ill after a productive day of running around, crying in between errands, and….. getting everything done.

My superpower is I get things done at the expense of my own health and body.

With age and hormones the anxiety and the crying are more trife then ever. I can no longer be that person- I need a clear brain, I need extra time, I need organisation and I need planning……. And more than ever, I need to organise a way to set myself up for a productive week.

The stumble of 2020 didn’t help, the plans, the planning, the expectations and goals all left at a halt, and a new sort of living emerged.

Initially it took me back, Life halted….. And then Life brought me a lot of time, Life became clear, Life actually become…… Slow…. something I probably haven’t experienced in the past 20 years of my life. And I liked it!

Now the new normal is becoming just ‘normal’! and slowly slowly creeping up into our lives again, but this time I am on top of it! I am planning this sheesh kebab (productive week) in advance. I will not let life control me, rather I will be in control. ( You’d think I’m starting a revolution! Maybe I am? For me anyway)

Its only been a couple of weeks now- well from the 1st of January anyway. But I already feel so in control of myself, there’s less clutter. I am more organised, I am not running around last minute, I found a balance that’s working for me and here’s how I set myself up for a productive week:

Healthy Days

Ok Ok! yup Me and Healthy don’t get along at all- just ask ‘Caffeine’ my best friend, he will tell you. Covid hasn’t help. All the staying at home and binge eating led to a bulging stomach and an over exhausted me.

I have given myself 2 days in a week where I eat healthy (minus the caffeine. That is something I just can’t do). Lunch consists of fruit salad, and dinner will be a chicken salad, or a club sandwich. (Have I ever mentioned that fruit is awesome! why have I been avoiding it my whole life?)

Set up a productive week with a good diet

Honestly the sleep after a light meal is so much better than with a rumbling, overfilled heavy stomach. And the next morning is so much better too.

Good Nights Sleep

You heard this before… blah, blah, blah….. no! I have to say this again. This is so damn important. Once again Covid has taken a routine out of us, I hear a lot of people saying that the ‘new normal’ consists of sleeping late and waking up late, and its really messing our body clocks.

good night sleep

I try and keep the ‘late nights’ to Friday and Saturday’s only, and the rest of the week I will go up early- regardless of whether I want to sleep or not. If it means I take a book out- so be it. Going in the bedroom is enough for the brain to unwind into sleep mode allowing for a better prepared and productive week going forward.

Struggling to sleep? Heres a few tips.


I know a few people who would pull a face at the word Planner/Diary! seriously guys you do not know how beneficial it is!

I have put aside half hour every Sunday morning for this, and its proven to be a success- now if I am a tad late in doing this it weighs on my mind.

I fill in my week to date, covering appointments, birthdays, shopping days, things to do this week …. etc and I also have a day to day sheet as well. My day to day is usually what I call a ‘Brain Dump’. On here I write down everything! from personal things to errands! It covers everything no matter how small! It is just so nice to tick things off, and also keeps you focused on the things that still need doing.

Weekly Planner by Matilda Myers

Anything that I haven’t had a chance to do or get through- gets shifted across first to the new week/day and then I add in my new plans for the week.

It gives me a focus, and I can plan the day according to all the errands for the day, plus it helps with my fish brain, so that I don’t forget certain things.

My current Planner is by Matilda Myers. Have a look at it here. and you can buy it from here.

Admin Days

A couple of hours on one day of the week (usually the one where there is less overall errands for the day- for me that’s a Wednesday) is left for admin. By admin I mean- that doctor/dentist appointment that needs booking in. The refunds to chase, the returns to do, the gas company to call up- all the mundane errands that take up our life and we hate doing. These are the jobs that take up our head space, and the relief once it is done! Its Magic.

I try to do this all in one day because this has to be the worst of all jobs, the waiting in queues, being put on hold!…… I am actually getting a sore brain thinking of it! The relief once its out of the way is a weight off the shoulders.

Plan in advance

I use to be a person who plan’s daily- so at 3 in the afternoon I would start to think about dinner- which meant going out to get that missing ingredient, or realising I need milk whilst making tea…. I spent most days going in and out of shops, sometimes more than once.

Now I plan the weeks dinner in advance- meaning shopping gets done once a week- Yes its exhausting and draining, and breaks my shoulder’s, but the rest of the week means I don’t have to pop out constantly, for that one item. I have loads more time, I am more organised and I am not in a frazzle of what to make.

How do you set yourself up for a productive week? Is there anything that you do differently? Any tips you would like to share?

Love and Regards


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