Ts Life -VITAL EYES Concentrated Eye Serum Review


 Isn’t CBD a little bit of a craze at the moment? I mean I’m a little intrigued…. making something that has always been seen as illegal justifiable…. I am all for it, bring out a little of the hidden ‘Gangster’ in me…. (not really, I cry when someone talks loud to me).

I do get excited when I think that something has CBD in it, and then the innocence in me comes out, and I get nervous, like what if I get ‘stoned’ (whatever that means?) what if its illegal? What if I get caught with it? can you tell  I am a cry baby really? ……..All this hard exterior, its all an act really……

I was introduced to this product from AyshaNovsarkaMUA who is a TS Life Distributor and MUA. She gave me a “No Like, No Pressure to Post” Collaboration, and asked me to try a product for at least 4 weeks before making a decision. I chose the ts life vital eyes concentrated eye serum with CBD.

I was excited to try out the ts life vital eyes serum, this was going to be my first CBD product EVER. I mean I had heard good things about CBD Products, but I’ve never actually reached out for it, because I was wary and reserved, and nervous.

So firstly lets talk about the benefits of CBD Products in skincare. (I had to do a little research on this)

Firstly what is CBD: it is the non intoxicating part of the Marijuana plant (I feel naughty writing that!). For skincare the extracts are taken from the leaves and flowers where the intoxication is the lowest, therefore making it safe to use on skin.

CBD used as skincare has many gains, and has been tried and tested and results have shown that use of CBD regularly can reduce wrinkles, neutralise skin tones, and aid with dry and chapped skin, overall it helps with ageing skin…. that’s me all over! So with all these benefits who was I to say no?….. and so I gave it a try.

Firstly can we talk packaging. I am a sucker for all things prettily packaged so was pleased with the packaging on this. All the way down to the design of the bottle and the colours, it scored a 10/10 for me. Quality packaging always makes me feel more confident in using a product. I was concerned about the smell and maybe the texture too- but all of that was put to bed too, their was no funny smell to the product, all in all, there is no smell to the product at all, and the texture is creamy, and a small, a really small, a smaller that a peteit pou sized amount is needed for application.

This bottle is large so I could see that this will be going a long way for me. And so for 4 weeks every morning and night I applied it to the contours of my eyes, it is best to press it on lightly and then apply a little pressure to stimulate the area, and to use the cream both on the upper and the bottom temples on the eye, covering a wide area.

Well……How did it go? …..Well its on my Product pick of the month for a reason. The first week I was dubious, I didn’t see a difference at all, the second week, my reservations were also at bay……by the third week, I started to see a slight difference, and on the fourth week I knew that this product is on my bedside table for life.

Its such a pity that I didn’t get a photo diary of the changes I have seen, but I was so reserved about showing the ‘real’ dark circles I had and every photo that I took was quickly deleted (Gosh I am becoming a very insecure person.)

I only did a video once I knew that my dark circles are ‘fit’ enough to show the world!

Now I am not saying that my dark circles have disappeared. I mean not even the best of surgeries have managed that, but I can conclude that I have seen a far better improvement on the dark areas and the elasticity of the eye contours then I had anticipated.

So guys this is a winner for me. If you would like to know more…. Contact AyshaNovsarkaMUA

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Love and regards


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