Perfect Jeans?…. The Struggle is Real.


I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds buying Jeans the hardest thing in the world?. We can buy almost anything online, or just by looking at it, or feeling it….. But the perfect Jeans…. that’s a completely different story.

Jeans need to be seen, need to be tried, need to be walked around in, have to sit down in, and also do a few awkward manoeuvres before we decide on them.

And most of the time even after all that…. we don’t really like them.

Also the different kind of styles, colours and materials that are now available. It really doesn’t help.

Even when you think you have finally found the perfect jeans its either too baggy, made for longer legs, slightly on the short side, too tight or too loose at the waist.

Finding the perfect Jeans is actually a hard days work rather than a shopping trip.

When you do actually find the perfect jeans. You’ll end up keeping it for years. I’m sure my skinny pair was with me at least 5 years- before I decided the colour has faded, and I had put on weight- so it just would not ride up any more.

And do you find that somewhere at the bottom of your cupboard, you’ll have kept a couple of jeans that you just don’t like, will never like, will never wear- but still you keep it? Yes! I see You.

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The problem with Jeans is- even when you do find that perfect fit, their is still something wrong. I found my perfect fit, and it had a gaping rip at the thigh?! Being a modest dresser I cannot have rips anywhere!

Why oh why is it so hard?

Buying the perfect fit jeans is so important. You either can get a outfit perfect or completely wrong.

You cant fix it, you can’t trim it, you cannot accessorise it. It is what it is. Its either the right pair- or wrong. its never a ‘This might just have to do’

What do we look for?

At 5 foot 3- Jeans can make me look like a midget ( I am a midget, but I don’t like to look like one). So the way it makes my legs look is important to me. At 5 foot 3 I also struggle with length.

Apart from skinny’s any other ‘fit’ of jeans have to crop at the ankles, otherwise the jeans look like I have been swallowed up.

Material is big factor, soft material is a must especially around the waist. With my struggles of endometriosis I end up with bloated stomach at random times and that pinching feeling ends up giving me nausea.

When you do finally find that perfect fit and are happy and comfortable and you go to buy another- its never there!

Trying on Jeans is madness. I remember I tried on a pair of size 10 Calvin Klein’s and they just…….

I can’t say it……Lets say that tears were shed in the changing room.

I am a size 8 in 90% of the shops- there is no way I would go for a size 12. It broke my heart.

Yes. Sounds drastic. But we all have been there right?

My Top 6

Well after Jean searching for probably most of the last year, I have finally found the ‘staple’ jeans all us 5 foot 3 girls need in our life. And let me just say this , Not a skinny jean is sight here. This mumma is now accepting the changes in her body.

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In first place are these Zara the dreed flare jeans . Bought a size 8 in them, and they are perfect. These are probably the ones I wear the most, as the material is really soft for jeans.

These drawstring jeans from warehouse are a dream. And crop at just the right time. Just above the ankles. You find them here.

Once again it’s a size 8.

I’m not usually a white jeans kinda girl. But I’ve been seeing alot of bloggers wearing them, and I had to get myself a pair. And I think I fell in love.

These high waisted cropped white jeans from Mango are perfect. Not exactly cropped for a 5 foot 3 women. But just perfect. Don’t you think?

Size 10

Now this pair- I had my eyes on this for months! But it kept going out of stock. Then one day as if by chance I finally got my hands on them .

Another high waisted contrast straight jeans by mango. And I’m loving this. I’ve added the link but don’t know if still available.

Size 10

If I’m getting white then I’m getting black too and I wanted something a little more comfy. These black dart jeans from Mango answered my questions.

I love how soft and comfy they are, and once turned up they look stylish too.

Size 8

And lastly, this little god send. Once again from Mango these mum elasticated jeans are a gift, because if the stretchy jeans fabric, it’s perfect for those I’ve got a heavy period and need more stability days.. they are just the right length too.

Size 10.

And there you go folks. 6 pair of jeans for us 5 foot 3’ers. I think I’m sorted for the year- or longer. Let me know which ones you like best.

Love and regards


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