Pancake Cake In 10 Easy Little Steps.


I had a weekend off from baking, and a Friday all to myself. So what did I do? ……I baked a cake (*rolls eye* ). A Pancake Cake.

I had arranged a breakfast party at my house with the girls, and it just so happened to be one of the girls (Ayeshama) birthday on that day. What better way to surprise her?

Keeping to the theme of breakfast I created this:

Pancake Cake

Yup that’s a Cake. Really! (Don’t believe me? Check out the cut picture at the end)…..and I’m super proud of it too. Especially because no one believed me until the birthday girl cut it.

So how did I do it? Here goes a step by step version (just a little bit old school considering people make videos now- but I’ll get there)

Step One:

I used 3 layers of 6 inch sponge- to make it a tall cake. In between the layers are jam and buttercream- and then I dirty iced it with further buttercream.

Step 2:

I added a tiny little amount of nude gel colour to white fondant and kneaded out to get this colour.

Step 3:

Roll the fondant out to thin long strings. You will need a few of these depending on height of cake.

Step 4:

Press down each strip with fingers- do not thin out too much- needs to be the depth of a pancake. (This does not need to be neat.)

Step 5:

After pressing down- cut each strip into 2. Once again this does not need to be neat.

So you will end up with a load of these.

Step 6:

Take one strip and use the flat end and press onto the buttercream, take the strip around whole cake and cut off when the ends meet- and put together as above.

Step 7:

You will need a yellowish colour gel paint or food colouring- I use sugerflair egg yellow, but you can use any similar….

….With a thin brush lightly dab the yellow paint on to the fondant,just on the top- try and avoid sides and dab in random places- do not paint!! use strokes of brush for effect.

Step 8:

Take another piece and repeat…

….Build up layers with the strips. Do not forget to add the yellow paint in between. Remember this does not need to be neat in any way. It may feel like a mess- but I promise once done it has the best effect. So no pressure and have fun.

Now to cover the top….

Step 9:

Roll out fondant – keep it thick like size of pancake, use top of cake tin to cut top, cut it out slightly off the edge- do not cut a neat round circle. (Gosh. I’m fed up of the word neat!!)

Put on top of your cake- round off edges……

….And don’t forget the random brush strokes paint using dabs the top of the cake…

Step 10:

Use a leaf shaping decorating tool (I’m a baker I have these gadgets🙄) or anything similar you have in house, and in random places wedge in little dents…

You can see dents better in this pic. Add a bit of brown on edges of some of the pancakes.

Transfer cake onto stand. Add strawberries and blueberries, and drips of honey and maple syrup….and there you have it. Pancake….Cake.

Pancake Cake
Pancake cake

It really is simple once you break it down. And it looks dramatic

Stay tuned on what I did for my breakfast party….. click here

Love and regards


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