Ortakoy Mosque Istanbul. Juxtaposition between the Old and Modern.


Probably the most picturesque mosque in Istanbul. We have all seen the photos of people outside with the seagulls right?

I did want to give it a go, but my boys were worried that I’d jump straight into the water if I saw a seagull coming for me. I really don’t think they are wrong (*Rolls eyes*) so we played it safe and took the pictures where their were no seagulls.

Located on Ortakoy pier with the Bhosphorus bridge in the background, the reason why the Ortakoy mosque Istanbul and the position is special is because its a contrast from the old Istanbul to the modern and new Istanbul.

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Built by Mahmut Ağa, the son-in-law of Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha,  the current building was completed in 1855, for Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid.

It took a total of 2 years to build.

It was actually designed by Garabat Balyen who is a Armenian Interior Designer, who also designed Dolmabahce Palace. (I have not been here- but its on my to-do list for my next visit)


The interior is beautiful, neo- baroque in style, the large windows stream the light into the mosque, and the view from the mosque out to the sea and Bhosphorus makes it unique and breathtaking.

Its quite a small mosque compared to all the others, at a square its just a little over 12×12 metres, its height feels more longer than the length.

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Also the colours used in the interior are very different to the other mosques too, with its pink and nude colours it keeps the warmth in, especially on a cold wet day. Although the mosque is small, it has a lot of light within it, and it feels light and airy.

The calligraphy that hangs from the walls are actually a contribution from the the Sultan Abdulmecid himself, being a keen calligrapher he wanted to add that to the mosque.

Ortakoy Mosque Istanbul Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood is called ‘The sleepy fishing village’ and you will find fishermen around. It’s quite different from the other areas, there is a sense of calmness in the air.

Also I feel like its also ‘Baking Potato’ village or ‘Kumpir Village’ as the Turkish call Baked potatoes Kumpir. Stepping out we could smell the potato straight away, it was very strong and distinct (I’m not sure whether that was because we were fasting) but at every turn baked potato were being sold.

Just before you reach the mosque a row of stands resembling a Market, line a cobbled street in Ortaköy. These are Ortaköy Kumpir stands. All of them selling the same things. We didn’t get a chance to have the baked potatoes as we were fasting, but I have heard all the rave about them, and once again its on my to-do list when we next go Istanbul.

Have you been to the Ortakoy mosque? How did you find it?

What is your favourite mosque in Istanbul? Or around the World?

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