New Years Resolution. Its time to be Selfish.


Happy New Year to you All. Another year gone, another year to look forward to.

I’m not really a new year’s resolution person, I make resolutions all year round that I don’t commit to. Why wait for New Year’s?

But this year. I’m going for it. And it’s all about me. This is my new Years resolution. This is MY Year to be SELFISH.

I’ve been brought up in a house where we were always told to think of everyone’s else feelings first, to block out our own feelings. And to think before we speak. And this has worked for years on end.

But as you grow older you start to realise that their is only one person who is going to look after YOU, and that is YOURSELF. So you have to make the changes for yourself before its too late.

So this year is the year for me to change. This is MY Year to be SELFISH.

SELFISH: ‘Lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with ones own personal profit or pleasure’

From this interpretation, being ‘Selfish’ is not a likeable trait, so why am i choosing to be ‘Selfish?’

Usually a selfish person is termed so because they refused something that someone else probably would’ve had no objection too. Or they chose to think of themselves before anyone else’s needs……. So really all that person is doing is thinking of themselves, their own well being and their own mental health……. And their is nothing selfish about that.

In order to help and take care of someone else, we first need to be able to take care of our self

Their is a reason why people put others before themselves. They want to please people, they want people to like them. They want to gain something from it all at the expense of loosing themselves. And sometimes when you give too much, people expect too much, and so slowly, slowly every time you put someone else needs before your own, your only teaching them that you come second in your own life.

Eventually this can lead to ‘Resentment’ , and having that trait is far worse than being ‘selfish’. So be a little selfish, and give of what you can. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of self-sacrifice, but its best to know how much you can do and give. a Little ‘NO’ here and there will not damage anyone.

Selfish and Self-Love

There is a difference between self-ish and self-love. The two don’t go together. Is it really more important for people to like you, over your own health and mental well-being? And even if you do choose to be selfish now and then, do you really loose the people that love and care for you? After all they love you for who you are. And if you do loose certain people, we’ll frankly you really didn’t need them in the first place (That sounds so selfish! You go girl! First of January and I have already started my new years resolution).

For your own Mental health and Well being, you need to be able to attend to your own personal needs. So go and fix yourself first, before you fix anyone else, because in all honesty there are not many who will turn up to fix you when you need them.

So before I go on and on, I will end with “This year is MY Year, it’s about Me”. I’m going to very selfishly and unapologetically put my mental health first. And if anyone doesn’t like it….

Well tough luck… I’m selfish deal with it.

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Here’s to my new years resolution. Here’s to the New Year

Love and Regards


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