My Winter Wardrobe Thanks to H&M


Lockdown and working from Home has meant that clothes have seriously been put on hold…. especially for me, as I literally just lounge in jogging bottoms and football tops that belong to the men in my life. Comfort within the house being the foremost of my concerns…..

October I was called back to work from the office( I had been WFH since March) This was a break (is it called a break if we are going back in?) I very much needed but daunting as it means that I have to get back into some sort of routine, wake up early and shower and….. wear clothes that belong to me not my boys.

I don’t think I know what’s fashionable anymore, these 8 months at home, lounging in pyjamas and jogging bottoms really have made me lazy, and my body shape has changed….. oh and makeup- oh the drama!

IT felt overwhelming- seriously I use to do this everyday? seriously?! seriously!! How did I even have the time….

So it was time to spruce up the outfits, and while hunting online I found that H&M seems to be the place to shop- they are well ahead of the game, and the clothes are warm (baby its cold outside) and chic and also so affordable.

I ended up with these beauties which I can so mix and max with my own stuff on my closet and build an even bigger wardrobe. Thats what its all about really isnt it?

Ankle length trousers (Green) 0783346028 Wide Blouse (Green) 0884319007
Polo Neck Slipover (black) Currently Sold Out
Ankle length Trousers (beige) 0783346030
Wide Blouse (Green) 0884319007
Knitted Jumper 0893133001
Ankle length trousers (Green) 0783346028 Knitted Jumper 0893133001
Ankle length Trousers (beige) 0783346030 Wide Blouse (Black) 0884319002
Oversized Trench Coat 0849637002

I tried to stick to very neutral colours so that I can now mix and match with what I also have at home, and try and make my wardrobe bigger, hopefully.

Now I’m set to go back to work!……. Kinda, I think….

(All above have been bought from H&M, I have added the item numbers and the link with Url for you to be able to quickly search them up.)

Have you gone back to work? How are you finding it?

Happy Shopping Guys

Love and Regards


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