My Top 5 Hookah Spots in Istanbul…. So far


I’m back Dudettes, and this time its my top 5 hookah spots in Istanbul, because well, you asked for it.

Hookah is actually a favourite past time for Turkish people, and a part of their culture, so there’s absolutely no end to Shisha/ Hookah places in and around Istanbul.

But I’m here for my top 5 Hookah spots so far …… because I’m definitely going back for more.

So let the count down begin…..

Hasanpasa Konaji

Our first visit to Istanbul we stumbled upon this beauty and its always a ‘We will come back here’ kind of spot. Based in Old city, its a 15 minute walk away from Sultanahmet on a main street- and let me tell you this. if you go past it you wont miss it.

They have a variety of shisha’s including Al-Fakher, and also serve some delicious Turkish food and desserts. The milkshakes are divine. Its the perfect spot after a long day of touring and you just want to sit and enjoy rest of evening.

There is no rush in letting you go, no rush in the food, and the venue is huge!! absolutely huge. Sofa style Arab seating make it luxury and a unique environment.

Private rooms are also available and its perfect if you got the kiddos and want to be away from the smoke.

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The famous Huqqabaz from Dubai to Istanbul! In Sirkeci its in Location Location, and its designed to perfection.

Beautifully designed, it feel like a home away from the crazy Istanbul streets

They also serve food too, and desserts so once again fits the full bill.

They serve a variety of Shisha/Hookah but do tell them that you are after Al-Fakher specifically if that’s what you want

Take Note: Be very mindful- they have a habit of popping things on your table. for example crisps of nuts- nothing is complimentary- it will all be added to bill after- so do make sure to say no on the onset.

Lulu lounge

So we got into a mess with this one- they only allow 18 and overs here, and we have the 16 year old with us…. (naughty I know- but abroad usually the laws are different, and we are okay with that as long as the businesses are okay with it) So we didn’t get a chance to go in.

But I have heard all the rave with this place, I will need to make a visit with the hubby or a girls trip. But yup give it a try and let me know what you thought of it.


This was definitely our spot this time round- a 15 minute walk away from our hotel, and the boys fell in love. On the 7th floor of a hotel- we were over looking old Istanbul and its just a vibe ( a little too much vibe for me, because I’m 39- going on 70 and my ear drums couldn’t handle too much music or the buzzing lighting) but the hubby and the kiddos had found the spot.

We were here at least 3 times in our 7 day break- that says it all. Right?

With non-sensical amount of shisha/hookah flavours available ,they also do desserts and have a sushi bar.

It felt like we were in London but with loads of beautiful mosques outside.

Ps Lounge

Based in Etiler this is the elite section of Istanbul, you’ll find the likes of Nusr-et here. The venue is a mix of classic with a touch of modern. It screams affluence. Famous for its fruit shishas/hookahs, its a spot not to be missed.

As with all the shisha/hookah places they also serve food and desserts.

They also have a ventilated area so if like me, you are okay with the idea (just a little bit mind you) then bring the kiddos along.

And that’s my top 5 hookah spots in Istanbul….so far because I have loads more names on my list, which means another trip is due soon.

Have you tried any of these? which ones are your favourite spot? Have you been anywhere else you can recommend?

Love and regards


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