My Top 5 Dessert Spots in Istanbul….So far


I’m not really much of a sweet tooth, I prefer my savoury and Tea obviously, but when I’m abroad things change. When I’m abroad, especially in Istanbul….. bring on the Sugar.

So here I am with my top 5 dessert spots in Istanbul……. so far….

Why the so far? well because I’m not done with Istanbul yet! Ive been 3 times and its not enough.

When I talk about desserts I’m not talking about just baklava, although you can only get the best baklava in Turkey. I’m talking about desserts, like give me chocolate, sugar, sweets, flavour, stickiness. Give me it all.

The Turkish are known for their sweet tooth- we should know this already with the Baklava , milk desserts, nut desserts, desserts with cheese! (Kunefe!). They know it all, and they do it better.

So lets go shall we: My Top 5 Dessert Spots in Istanbul

Hafiz Mustafa 1864

This place needs no introduction at all? If you have been to Istanbul you’ll know why, if you haven’t, well let me put it this way, you will literally find a Hafiz Mustafa on every corner in Istanbul. Hafız Mustafa has branches in Sirkeci, Eminönü, Sultanahmet, and Taksim.

And most of them are open 24 hours a day.

you can buy small boxes of Turkish delight and devour during your stay or gift for loved ones back at home. Quite possibly the best souvenir you can give.

Hafiz Mustafa also offer Hot drinks- though I must admit they are better at the desert side of things.


Another Popular brand you will find all over Istanbul. If you see a Hafiz Mustafa, be sure that a few stores down you will find a Mado too.

Similar yet different to Hafiz Mustafa as Mado is known and popular due to its Ice creams, and the artisanal flavours they offer. Mado also has a number of ice creams made with fruit extracts and honey, perfect for the diabetic who needs the sugar without the sugar.

With over 350 stores worldwide- this has to be ticked off in the bucket list for sure

Mado offer Hot drinks too- so a side of Turkish tea with Ice cream is quite possibly the most unique and Turkish combination ever


We stumbled upon this place, and im telling you on my next visit im happy to stumble across to it again. Its based in Sirkeci (10 minute walk from Sultanahmet) and the location its in is lively and full of culture.

Its a small place compared to the other 2, but just as good.

The main feature being chocolate on everything, with a running chocolate tap constantly pouring melted chocolate heaven.

Although a small place compared to the bigger brands above, its a really relaxed atmosphere. The Turkish Tea is divine and the desserts….. well its in my top 5 so that says it all.

Location wise, this place is buzzing! loads of food places nearby and the area is cultural with loads of locals.

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Viyana Kahvesi

For the best chocolate covered cheesecake you will ever have. with a great view of the Galata Tower outside, this is a hot spot in Istanbul and not to be missed by sweet-toothers.

Please note this place is always crowded and its small, but there is a reason for this and I promise it’ll be worth it.

Hot and cold drinks are also served here.

Cafe Mendels Chocolatier

Located in Besiktas, its a must visit.

Obviously as the name suggests, they pride themselves in chocolate, and there’s no compromise on freshness.

Mendel’s uses Callebaut chocolate imported from Belgium and works with hazelnuts, pistachios and strawberries. You’ll also find unusual ingredients like tahini and watermelon all of which add to its uniqueness.

With loads of Instagrammable desserts on offer, this place is full of surprise treats.

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Have you been to any of the above? How did you find them?

Have you been to any you can recommend to me for my next trip?

Love and regards


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