My Minimal Skincare Routine Whilst at Home

minimal skincare rouitne

At a time where everyone is wondering where the Pandamic is taking us, it may seem that my blog post is mundane, and for some people it really is mundane, but in all honesty my minimal skincare routine has been a life saviour, along with baking, reading and Friends on re-run. I think the main thing here is do what makes YOU happy, and skincare makes me happy.

I Probably have been focusing more on Skincare during the Lock down, I actually spend less time doing it, but more frequently. Before Lock down I had a longer and rigorous routine, but would all depend on if I had the time for myself…. which was hardly ever.

minimal skincare routine


Its so easy to neglect the skin, especially when makeup covers the flaws, however Lock down has really put makeup at the back of the drawer and skincare at the front, especially because I am indoors most of the day and also the mask covering’s can cause issues too. I’m finding that I would rather have great skin and go outdoors than to have a face full of makeup that is to be covered by a mask.

I have also found that when I commit myself to a minimal skincare routine it automatically wakes me up, makes me feel fresher, and more ready for the day.

I have been a little obsessed over the Elemis Rose Cleanser and this is a permanent fixture in my cleansing routine, (I need to keep an eye out on offers as this is on the higher end of the skincare market.). The Rose Toner by Shafs Beauty gives me the wake up call I need, and I combine it with The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid – which I find too sticky standalone.

I am absolutely loving the Brightening Serum by Murad which is infused with vitamin C. Mine was a tester size which came inside The LIB Hello Glow Getters Beauty Box and it smells so good, and its so smooth and moisturising, and I find It really brightens up the complexion pretty much straight away. This is one product I will definitely be investing in again.

minimal skincare rouitne

My evening routine starts off with the more simpler Misceller water by Garnier , Why? well because my night time routine usually is me in my bed with my products all around, rather than in the bathroom (I am lazy like that). Struggling from Perimenopausal symptoms, for some odd reason night times means hot flushes and a bright pink flushed face- I keep this at bay with the Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner , which is so refreshing and cools down the flaming sensation.

In the Evenings I have more time so I use my Jade Roller to try and curb whatever I can of my non existent cheek bone- I love the cooling effect on my skin, and literally sit in bed watching Netflix series whilst doing this. (Told you I am lazy).

And lastly I end with a sleeping mask- I do love the Aldi Lacura Midnight Power Cream– but that seems to have disappeared at the moment. I am currently using the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask– and realised I love all things watermelon too- so when I got the Sunday Rain Watermelon Sleeping mask in LIB Fabulous Little Black Box , I was ecstatic.

This routine at night, gives me such soft and supple skin in the morning, the dryness I was previously suffering from kept at bay, and when and if I do put on makeup- it sits really flawlessly.

minimal skincare routine


Whaaaaaaaaa………… I have hair under that scarf? Course I do people, and maybe because I wear the scarf this is the one thing that I pay the least attention too……… Not any more though!

I have always had a little dry scalp kinda trouble on my head ….. I am basically saying dandruff! (*rolls eye*).I guess the fact that my hair is covered most of the time doesn’t help matters, But what helps less is not paying any attention to it either!

Usually my hair is rough, dry and scaly but with lock down I’m not wearing the scarf much as 90% of the day I am indoors, so the itchy and the wiry feeling every time I touched my hair was becoming unbearable.

I have invested in a few hair masks but I really am finding I like the Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask with Morroccan Oil the most. It helps that its cheap and cheerful. It leaves my hair soft and shiny, and gets rid of that dry feeling and dandruff? …. urm… what dandruff?!

On Black Friday I invested in the Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straightener with Argan Oil and seriously its a god send (have I got an obsession with argan oil too).

After blow drying my hair, I use the straightener for a quick fix, literally a quick one- 5 mins max on the highest heat of 230 degrees (my hair is very thick!) and I am done for the day, or next couple of days! (I hate washing my hair….. guilty! )

Body Wash

My purchase of the QVC Elemis Pro-collagen Rose Box probably was the best investment ever, I am absolutely in awe of the Modern English Rose Bath and Shower milk. The smell intoxicates me and the body smells sweet! and oh so soft!

After bathing I like to lather up in Soap and Glory Body Butter. I am not usually a lather up body person, but with homeworking- I have got loads of time, so lather up is a must! and it makes me feel fab, especially in the colder months- its almost like this is my replacement for the walk to work.


I wear makeup everyday and have done for as long as I started wearing makeup which was not too long ago. I was a extremely late developer, like hitting my 30’s late! Its weird because when I tell people, they look closer at my face (making me all nervous and flush) but seriously I do!

I am pleasantly pleased that people think I don’t wear makeup, but that’s because I am very minimal. I just like to conceal the area’s that need concealing and so my everyday make up includes the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Medium Honey, and then I dab on my foundation, which is Dior Forever in shade 3N. When I say ‘Dab’ I mean I just literally ‘dab’ all around my face (no squirts!) . It leaves a finish of tinted moisturiser or BB cream rather then foundation.

I have been growing my eyebrows out since November (seriously when you want them to grow out they take forever!) so my focus is on that that most at the moment. I have reached that point where its too ugly that I am wondering why I wanted to do this.

To tidy up the bare blanks and the strayaways I am using Revolution Ultra Brow Kit. This Brow kit has everything I need to cover up the bare patches, and neaten and finish off the look completely, it really is the works and in terms of price. I am well impressed! (hopefully I persevere and don’t end up tweezing them off). I am after the thick dark straight eyebrow look. Its getting there!

minimal skincare routine

I like to finish off with either a Highlight or a Pop of Blush- or sometimes a bit of both. I’m not into contouring at all- never have been, I don’t think I ever will be.

I was born with a round face, and yes their are days when I want to botox the hell out of my face (and if it was allowed religiously, I would have already done it) but most of the time I am happy with the rounded cheeks and double chin- I mean it must keep me warm right? Must be some benefit to it!

And lastly For the lips- its my fave W7 shade in Damson– its a really soft matte colour which is not overpowering. Its great for everyday- even just popping over to the corner shop- although masks are required now (*rolls eyes*) I still like to put it on as it adds a little colour to the face.

minimal skincare routine

And when it comes to Mascara and eyeliners. They are left for day’s out only! and my last day out was in March 2020- so I probably wouldn’t know what to do with it now.


Weekends are for netflix right? Oh actually, everyday is netflix day, but mostly weekends right?. On weekends I like to go the extra mile, a nice exfoliating face mask, I love Shafs Beauty mask and recently have started using Tropic Face Lift Face mask (it says tightening on the box! so no botox needed) or a hydrating face sheet mask!

I have tried a couple of sheet mask, and although at first I didn’t understand the concept or logic of sheet masks, I am totally sold on them now. I absolutely love how hydrating they are!!, and on my lazy days (which is most days anyway) I opt for this over the clay masks.

Cuttings of nails are a must as are clipping off any unruly cuticles and a nice scrub of the feet. I love using my pumice stone and grater to scrub and then to moisturise. The feeling of baby feet! I like to use the Body shop Peppermint Foot Moisturiser, a soft sting of the peppermint on the feet makes me feel fresh, and baby feet on nice clean linen is heaven! The perfect end to the day.

minimal skincare routine

Do you have a Minimal Skincare routine? What are your favourite products?

Love and regards


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