My favourite Spas in the Midlands… so far


After Afternoon Tea, my favourite thing to do….Spa-ing away. I sound spoilt don’t I? I really do, and every chance I get I will get away for a session of Afternoon Tea and a Spa day.

Really we all want to be spoilt, don’t we?

And so here are my favourite Spas in the Midlands:

Ragdale Hall Spa

I never will tire of this place, never. I’ve probably been here a dozen times, and let me tell you this, I will go again. Over and Over and Over

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Aqua Sana

Set in Sherwood Forest can anything be more tranquil than this? Just the walk in is magical. This spa has the most experience rooms I have ever seen in a spa. You could spend all day just walking in and out.

The pool is breathtaking, with the ceiling open, its quite a romantic spot.

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Eden Hall

Another one of my favourite spas in the midlands I visited Eden Hall quite a few years back but its still in my mind, Since my visit they have made more changes and I can’t wait to go back because I have heard its breathtakingly beautiful. So excited for this.

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Ye Olde Belle Spa Nottingham

I remember parking outside here and thinking, where am I and what am I doing here?. All of the changed on the entrance. Its very small compared to the other 3 but its uniquely distinctive too. Definitely hits my favourite Spa spot.

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Breedon Priory Spa

We went here whilst the refurbishment were happening, and even though their was works going on, it blew my mind away. It felt like a mini Carden Park, just I don’t have to drive 3 hours to get here.

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And there you go- these are my favourite spots so far…. I yet have so much more to experience and discover.

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Whats your favourite Spa in the Midlands?

Have you been to any of the Above?

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Love and regards

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