My Best books of 2021 -(And some not So Great Ones)


Man 2020 was hard- but 2021! That stumped me big time, and reading was put on the backburner for a little while.

Having said that, I tried every little single second I could to delve into a book, because there can be no better escapism in life than a good book – if I don’t end up with a s****y one that is.

But now I think finally life is back on track (kind of. I hope. Please be back!) and I’m hoping to get back into full force with my reading- so if I do a disappearing act hopefully it won’t be because of Life trials and tribulations but rather my head in a book.

So if your after a good book, or contemplating which one to get. Well let me be of Assistance. Here are some of my best books for 2021 (and also some not so great ones)

Blood Orange- Harriet Tyce

‘Alison has it all, A loving family and a career on the rise- shes just been given her first murder case to defend. But all is not as it seems….”

What a story! This is easily one of my best books of 2021. From the beginning to the end- I was gripped, it was an easy read so that helped. Loved how the author gave every character a flaw. When I first read it, I wondered why the author used such a heartless woman for the main character, its only as the novel continues- we see her strengths also.

Its a psychological thriller/ crime/ murder mystery, and the ending was so cut- throat. The ending will have you on edge.

I’m not going to say anymore. Just read it

The Other Passenger- Louise Candlish

“One stranger stands between you and the perfect crime”

Set in 2019 London- (this book already has my heart), it hits all the relevant issues of living and lifestyle. From the commuting life, to having student loans, to dynamics of masculinity/femininity, substance abuse, mental health just to name a few.

Another easy read, and breadcrumbs are thrown on each turn of the page, keeping us glued on, wanting to know more. A twisting and turning crime novel if ever their was one!

The Split- Sharon Bolton

“No matter how far you run, your secrets always catch up with you.”

A novel full of secrets, revenge and how trauma can affect a persons ability to reason. A Psychological thriller. My kind of book as I love anything that delves into a persons mind. Its a good book, and it is a page turner- yet it was a far reach. Some very dramatic moments and more than anything- I think I had worked out the ending quite early. (Earlier than the Therapist Joe in the novel) It is a good one, keeps you on your toes, yet not one that I would shout over the rooftops about.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine- Gail Honeyman

Right OK. So if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I gave this book a rating of 2/10. However things have changed since then. I think its because I really didn’t understand it. I’m use to fast paced- psychological and fantastical books- and this did not offer that.

But after reading other peoples review’s (because I was thinking why is this book so popular- did I miss something? did I miss a couple of pages?), I got an understanding of the book.

Its about Loneliness, about trying to fit in- in the world, understanding how people see the world, accepting that everyone understanding of the world is different from our own. It has element of sadness, oddities, of little specks of happiness. Its just real people living real life.

Urm am I going to change my rating? No. But- if you like reading slow novels, with real life interactions and real life day to day occurrences (nothing over dramatic, or fantastical) then this is for you.

Her name was Rose- Claire Allen

‘Her name is Rose. You watched her die, and her death has created a vacancy”

This book was initially hard to get into, because although it started tragically (the death of Rose) I just couldn’t grasp the main character Emily. She was too invested in strangers and at some points came across quite creepy. As the story progresses though- it does get better. Yet I still have to question Emily’s Naivety. Quite a few different themes are explored in this novel, Grief being one, domestic violence, family struggles as well as heartache and a sense of belonging.

Ill stick to my verdict of 6/10. Its a good book. It’ll make your day pass.

The Therapist- B A Paris

Oh god! (*rolls eyes*) I don’t know why this has good reviews. Its awful!

No character development, no real relatable characters, no real relatable anything. The writing is poor too. I’m glad it was a quick read- got it over and done with quickly.

The ending was good, but…… bah. What a Nonsense book.

The Silent Patient- Alex Michaelides

Absolutely jaw dropping book, heart pumping, mysterious from the first page kind of book. I was hooked. A slow burning psychological book turner. About a woman who murdered her husband and since then has not spoken a word. Her Psychotherapist Theo Faber invests in her so that he can uncover her truth.

The psychological dynamics. Written with so much mystery and intrigue.

The ending. Unfathomable!

Still can’t get over it. Still in my head! My Best book of 2021!!

Just read IT already!

Where the Crawdads Sing- Delia Owens

If ever their was a real life Superhero it has to be the ‘Marsh Girl’ Kya Clark. Abandoned as a child, Kya had to raise herself and learn the ropes of life, all whilst living in a pre-dated racist country. A Beautiful story of resilience, of courage, strength, loneliness, of hope and love, and murder.

The descriptions of the marsh, the forest, the descriptive ways in which the insects go about their lives and how Kya used this in understanding humans, and human interaction really is mind blowing.

Its a sad story- with elements of happiness, of naivety, of coming out of the other side.

The Guest List- Lucy Foley

“Everyone on the Island has a secret. Every one has a motive, and someone wont leave the wedding alive”

A celebrity wedding on a private island, cue on the disasters. Or rather murder. So many Lies, so many secrets, so many past mistakes, so many hidden agendas. They definitely chose the right people to attend the wedding.

Its fast paced, its a quick read and its a good one! Enjoy.

The Silent Wife- Karin Slaughter

Slaughter (OOOH at the last name*big wink*)

Apparently this is a series of book which have the main characters Sara Linton and Will Trent, and can I just say that I’m obsessed over these two. I’m so glad that their is more! I need to hunt them down.

Crime thriller about the disappearance and murder of a number of women. Its quite a long book, a slow read as the details to everything are so spot on. Its definitely not for the fainthearted. Some of the descriptions had me taking a pause and a breather and a frog in my throat. At points I had to put the book down to recover.

When I was reading though I couldn’t put this book down, I spent every single second spare in reading what I could. Its a must for all of you that love crime novels. (*warning. some parts are a bit gruesome*)

And that’s my roundup of my best books of 2021 so far this year. Have you read any of these books?? Which ones did you enjoy? What are your best books of 2021? Which ones will you be investing in? Let me know your thoughts.

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