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With the kiddos with us, evenings had to be early evening, but not before a treat, and we decided on Milk Train. I know, I know I’m a little late to the game. Everyone’s already been here right? Well I haven’t and so haven’t the kiddos so for us it was a first.

We decided to walk it down, because we are a little do- la- la like that, obviously climbing the O2 didn’t already break our legs- we had to go one step further and take a 40 minute walk to this place.

Yes. Ill say it myself. Only me and Sabina would think its a great idea- I’m sure even the kids told us ‘no’ but it fell on deaf ears.

What is Milk Train?

Its a funky spot for innovative icecreams, candyfloss and pop corn.’

Have you seen it? That picture on Instagram? The one with the Icecream wrapped in candy floss? You have? Of course you have. Well I need that picture for my feed.

But First, Lets talk Decor:

As the name says- its a Train. A Milk Train and the decor inside reflects it perfectly.

The pastels colours used inside give it a almost dreamy look, and the little detailing is just spot on- from the luggage on top of the racks, to the booth style train numbered seating. It felt like we had stepped into a child’s railway station toy.

What did we get?

Get ready for a rant guys……

We walked 40 minutes… I have to say this. I’m sorry to sound like I’m whinging…….its because I am whinging.

….so we walked 40 minutes to be told that the only Icecream available is Vanilla , and the only Candy Floss available is the white one, and the only things available are the Icecreams in Cones.

I’ll say it louder for the people at the back “A dessert spot specialising in Icecream and candyfloss- had ran out of icecream and candyfloss!” I thought only these type of things happened in KFC? (proper First World issues going on here)

So Lets start Again: What did we get?

Urm…. From the option of Vanilla Icecream and White Candy Floss….. we chose the Vanilla Icecream and White Candy Floss……. Can I have some sprinkles with that please?….. Sure! whatever you can dig up from the bottom of the packet…. Yes! there wasn’t much sprinkles too.

I got my picture- maybe not exactly how I wanted it to look- it does lack in colour (*rolls eyes*) but it’ll do.

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How was it?

To be honest I can’t complain ( I know I’ve already complained loads up there! shhhh. Who’s blog is it? Mine or yours?!) So Yes! Icecream and Candyfloss is the greatest combination, and can’t really go wrong with vanilla right? right? RIGHT?

But lets put my grievances aside. The kiddos were over the moon- and this trip is for them right? And so happy kiddos mean, happy us!

And happy us means….. we made the kiddos walk all the way back to the Hotel. Because we are nutters like that!

But we did catch the best sights along the way, and got the best sleep ever too.

For more on Milktrain click here.

Love and regards

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