Milk and Mayhem Afternoon Tea at Elan Cafe


What time is it? Its that time again?

Lets go London Baby

Sabina’s Big 40th means its time to jump into the car and head off, and so we did.

We had the little sister Katija with us this time, so that means I’m not driving… really her 40th felt like mine. Added bonus. I’m not 40 yet.

First stop- Elan Cafe because Sabina whilst hitting her 40’s is going through a midlife crisis and obsessed over Pink? I don’t get it either, but I’m not saying anything, I’m yet to get to that age, and I’m getting attracted to the colour orange (any orange afternoon tea places around? *covers eyes*)

Lets get back to it.

Elan cafe offer a extremely Quirky ‘Milk and Mayhem’ High Tea, Its afternoon tea but with a twist, but we shall talk about that later……

Shall we do Decor first?

Firstly who doesn’t know about this place? We all do right? and what do you expect when you go inside?

Bursts of pink infusion, flowers, pink everything and everywhere- and guess what! That’s exactly what we got. This place was throwing up Pink in every little corner, it was just spot on what i thought it would be

We were taken to the flower booth- which was great, but we struggled with photos- why is it the best places have the worst lighting for photos?

Click here: Feya Cafe- Quite possibly the prettiest cafe in London

Milk and Mayhem Afternoon tea at Elan Cafe

What makes this Afternoon Tea so different? Well firstly look at the stand, its so different to normal stands and I loved that.

For drinks their was a selection of 5 drinks from iced tea and coffees to London Tea- I don’t need to tell you what I went for

For Sandwiches we got 3 types:

  • Salmon Twist– Smoked Salmon, Dill and Labneh
  • Italian Stallion– Chicken, roasted peppers, pesto and spinich
  • Avo Time– Avocado, hummus, parsley and feta cheese

For the cakes we had a selection from:

  • Mixed Berry Cheesecake,
  • chocolate orange cake
  • Pistachio cake

Obviously no matter how quirky afternoon tea is scones are a must, we had one with fruit and one without and jam and clotted cream on the side

And we also got what Elan cafe call ‘Sweet escape’, which is a toasted coconut bread .

Click here: The Knot Churros

And the Quirky part?

American Cereal with Milk.

Okay. YES! I agree they need to do something with the milk bottles- but honestly loved the quirkiness of it.

We also bought french toast- because well Sabina is 40- so why not? and because we were all sweetened out we had a side of Chicken Focaccia

My Honest Verdict

The booths were beautiful, covered in a wall of flowers- but what was extra- the table we sat on was also full of flowers with lighting coming out.

Obviously I had to take a photo from above- I mean just look at it

The Afternoon Tea sandwiches were amazing, really tasty and different to what we normally get, I loved the quirkiness of the cereal and milk, although we didn’t actually have it, we enjoyed taking the pictures.

We all absolutely devoured the french toast and the chicken Foccacia was nice and warm too

In terms of service, they really need to look out for who they employ. I don’t think I’ve ever said that in a blog post before. The lady that served us, definitely didn’t enjoy her job or want to be there. Moody and arrogance all over her face, we wanted to ask for more tea- but had to think a few times before reordering.

And when we did order it was received with contempt.

At a place like this, customer service has to be on point, and Elan cafe lacked this. Its a memory that will stay with me.

Having said that, regardless of the service, we all know this place is one of the hot spots in London. And it is due to this place that we now see a lot more cafes who are trying to hit the aesthetics of this place. Its a must visit, I just hope you get assisted with a smile.

Afternoon tea at Elan Cafe for 2 is £49.00 ,Considering the price of general Afternoon teas in London- this is really reasonable.

Elan cafe is halal

Have you been to Elan Cafe? How did you find it?

Click here For More Information on Elan Cafe Milk and Mayhem Afternoon Tea

Click here for Elan Cafe Instagram page

Any other Instagrammable coffee shops that you could recommend?

Love and regards


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  1. Stop! Felt like I was there! Happy birthday Sabina! Also erm- can you do Vlogs too! The intricacy, honesty and attention to detail really makes me think I’m there! Come up north- iv seen an orange cafe somewhere!

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