Matilda Myres Planner for 2021.

I did things a little differently this time, I was looking for a diary, its that time of year-but what with the downfall of 2020 my diary has been sitting empty since March. I have also realised that now that I no longer have my baking empire- so I don’t really have much to write anyway.

from Jan to March I was literally filling in just my day outs, holidays, school holidays, appointments and my finances…. from March up till today its just my expenses, Covid pretty much has taken everything else from us.

Im not sure how 2021 is going to pan out- One thing that 2020 taught us is that ‘You can Plot, and Plan, but Allah/God is the best of Planners’ (Quran 8:30). I am sure we all agree with this. Life literally went on a standstill, and we still have no control over it.

For 2020 I bought this pretty little thing:

Week by page Diary by Amelia Lane

And I loved it. Absolutely loved it, but I was finding that I no longer needed a lot of the pages. But seriously for Diary Lovers who have full on lives, this diary cover’s a lot of things. You can have a closer look just here .

For this year I needed something a little more simple. My main priorities being my Days out (hopefully once this whole Covid nightmare ends), Holidays (fingers crossed), Financing (Overdraft is my best friend), and a push towards content for the blog!

Apart from Birthdays and Special Days I really didn’t want anything looking too ahead into the future. (Covid taught me that) so I was looking for a week by week diary, just so that I can write out any finances, appointments if needed and maybe plan on blogging time ….

So not too much, not too big, not too fancy, but something that allows me to plan myself and give me a routine or structure.

And what did I end up with……

Matilda Myres Planners

Matilda myres planner
Planners by Matilda Myres

Ok Ok Yes! it’s grey! I did say I was going to stay away from Grey last year- but I can’t help it. Grey is life- after Red that is, I love the colour Red, but I can’t see myself in it, or using it, or writing in it….. I just like it. …. So it looks like I am back to Grey again.

So this bundle of Joy is the Matilda Myres planner, its the first time I am using anything by Matilda Myres, and I am pretty curious. I am not sure if I have made the right decision but I will only find out once I start using it. Having said that, all 3 of these products are at a fraction of the price I usually spend on a diary…..

My List by Matilda Myres

Matilda Myres Planner
List book by Matilda Myres

‘My List’ This is cute, so cute in fact! its a little list book- like for shopping. I have a magnetic shopping plastic thing stuck on the fridge at the moment, and I usually have to then write everything down on a list on paper and then go shopping- well this sorts out that issue…. it has magnetic tags on the back so it can be stuck on the fridge and the pages can be pulled apart! How Cool!!!…… Lets see if this works well or not…..

‘My list’ can be found here and is at a price of £5.95

Daily Planner by Matilda Myres

Daily Planner by Matilda Myres

The ‘Daily Planner’ includes Weather- Things to do, Priorities, My Notes, and a little Scribbling area. The reason why I went for this is because its not set to a date- we have to fill in the date and day. This is perfect for me, as I usually have days where I am so busy that I don’t have time to look at my planner, and some days where I have nothing to do- and want nothing to do and therefore will not be looking at a planner, and without a date pre-filled I won’t have blank pages, and I can just use this if and when needed.

The Daily planner can be found here and is at a price of £7.95

Weekly Planner by Matilda Myres

Matilda Myres planner
Weekly Planner by Matilda Myres

And lastly ‘The Weekly Planner’. This is the one thing I know I will use every week. Its simple and hits the boxes I need. As mentioned before I want things to run from a week-to-week basis and this offers a week to view by page. There are notes to put in for each day, plus a big note section at the bottom. It also does not give dates- but rather you have to fill them in- this once again works for me as the weeks that I am away (hopefully 2021 will give us that option) I will not be leaving blank spaces, and the pages are pull apart- so can be removed if needed (very handy for the days I overspend and the hubby cannot get his eye on it)

The Weekly planner can be found here and is at a price of £9.95

And that is me sorted for 2021. The only downfall I have is – I need somewhere where I can jot down birthdays and important dates- because I know I will forget something. At the moment I am thinking of using the inside of the cover- but lets see how that goes.

Because 2020 was such a bummer I have loads of stickers left from my old Amelia Lane diary, so I am excited to use them in these:

Stickers from Amelia Lane Diary

I got all 3 of my products for just under £18 (Yes!! I usually spend around £50 on my planners) including the delivery. Matilda Myers has a promotion on at the moment of buy 2 get the 3rd free- and orders over £15 are free delivery. Get on to the website just here.

Have you invested in a Diary/Planner for this year? What did you go for?

Love and Regards


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  1. Thanks for sharing the planner for 2021!. I hope we get rid of this covid-19. Covid-19 started off with Feb and leading to many lockdowns from stage 1 to stage 4 and keeping stage 4 mainly in Australia, Victoria for more than three months. Thanks to online shopping and coupons that we have which lead to utilize good buy and savings.

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